we have some grama natham porambokku land in tamilndu bought by my father back in 1993 and he recently expired..we never paid any penal charges or taxes to it for the last 10 yrs since the VAO or panchayat office declined to issue one.. a case was recently filed 5 yrs back by me after my dad passed away against the panchayat office when they tried to take over it soon after my dad passed away..
all these year the case was still all of a sudden, the panchayat had invited us for a out of court settlement to withdraw the case and in turn they had agreed to issue the tax receipts and no objection certificate(after a council body meeting wtih all the ward councellors) certifying the ownership to us. and the VAO had also agreed to issue us the other documents once it gets cleared from the panchayat office.
now should i proceed with withdrwaing the case.........also need to say, the panchayat office is also expecting some amount from us to get this going which we are fine to shell long as they are ready to give us the proper ownership of this land. we are a hindu family... what are all the list of document that i should get from the panchayat office as part of this deal that will enable to apply for patta for this property in the future..this is for a vacant land property........

kindly advise on how to take this forward..and if we had to withdraw..what is the procedure to be followed..
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  • hi
    any piece of suggestion or info is highly helpful here..
    please reply
  • Ya since t verdict will be on ur favour now t panchayat ppl r comin out 4 settlement ..but be careful do not withdraw t case until u have been issued t patta....even they issue it cross check with taluk office n online..put a display board stating the concern land belongs to get all t receipts n pata chittappan a register n ur name....Once all this is done...u can withdraw ur case...but if u back up now without doing this then...These govt officals will start to show their real faces...always hv a hold...
  • How come Panchayat comes into the picture? Only the Revenue authorities are empowered to issue the Patta and update A register based on the enjoyment rights.
  • thanks for the replies and appreciate it.
    there are so many department coming into picture basically i wanted to know

    what are the document that i should expect from each of the below office inorder to have a clean documentation done for this land.
    revenue office
    panchayat office
    taluk office..
    as this being a grama natham porambokku , i am being repeatedly told that all the above 3 needs to be involved here and i need to get a NOC certificate from the panchayat office to even apply for a patta...
    also what is a SLR patta and what sort of a patta is applicable for this kind of a land...i heard there is different categories of patta like govt patta, enjoyment patta,SLR patta etc etc..
  • Revenue office - patta chittappan A register....
    panchayat office - NOC (not compulsory )......
    revenue office s 1 of t branch n taLuk r t same.....
  • thanks..
    can you also clarify on the type of patta that i should be applying for..
    also..what is the difference between the tax receipts issued by the panchayat office and other by the revenue department.
    who issues the B memo notice after collecting the penal charges (dhanda variyam) it the panchayat or the revenue office.............
    at this point..we absolutely dont have any receipts issued since 2001..and the case was pending was the past 5 yrs for not allowing us to pay the charges and prove our enjoyment, looks like we sure have go through the panchayat office officials before this gets moved to the revenue office for patta consideration..
  • All t best sir...
  • sir,
    what is the procedure to apply for a EB connection for a grama natham vacant land mentioned above.
    what document are needed to get the EB connection..can we get it by just having a vacant land or do we need to have any built ups
    to apply for a EB connection...........assuming we will only be having the tax receipt/beam notice receipts from the
    revenue officer..............
  • You would need copy of your sale deed, and parent copy of your sale deed
  • sir,
    we dont have registered sale deed as such.all we have is the hand written sale document from the previous owner issued on a 10 rs stamp paper (back in 90s) and this previous owner in turn bought it back in 1970s...other than that,we only have beam notice receipt paid till this sufficient enough?
  • Unregistered documents are not valid. If you have land tax receipts, you can claim based on the enjoyment right.