Passed Vengadamangalam Compost Yard yesterday (04/06/2015). The construction seems to be completed or very near to completion.
There are sheds constructed and lot of tree saplings planted. The area is fully compounded with 7 or 8 feet wall all around. The area is well lit and number of security guards positioned.
From what I saw from exterior it does not seem to be a simple dump yard. Some process will happen. there are a couple of chimneys also present. there is a Diesel generator also in position.
There are houses nearby and it is a populated area and not remote. So if the compost yard is functional properly then it should be of any harm to near by areas. But if it is not operated properly then can turn into a dump yard. Only time will tell.
If others have any updates please post for the benefit of the group :)
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  • Following news appeared in tamil hindu daily.

    குப்பையில் இருந்து மின்சாரம் தயாரிக்கும் ஆலையால் துர்நாற்றம்: வேங்கடமங்கலம் மக்கள் சுவாசிக்க முடியாமல் கடும் பாதிப்பு - தொடர் முற்றுகை போராட்டம்
  • Went again near Vengadamangalam compost yard.
    This is managed by a private firm Essel Pallavapuram and Tambaram MSW Private Ltd (EPTMPL). I think the government has given a contract to them. Also saw one of their garbage trucks moving near Kandigai. The truck was new and it is a covered truck.
    Regarding the smell I could smell garbage about 100 or 150 meters from its peripheral compound wall. But I could not smell anything near its gate!!
    After that 150 odd meters there was no smell at all. I went there on 26th June 2015.
    Some information on what EPTMPL does.
    Essel Pallavapuram bags Rs 100-cr waste management project | Business Line
  • I bought a land which is 300 m from the compound wall near to kuberar koil parallel to Tagore college women's hostel,so can I relax compost yard will not create any problem ? What abt people staying in Artha villas very near to compound wall ? Are they facing the odour problem
  • There is significant population very near to the compost yard. I strongly feel that they can run the compost yard only when they do not create any problem to the public. I dont know what kind of problem they are facing i just went past that road to see if there is any smell coming out and who is running the solid waste management project.
  • I visited the site on 4th July and there is no smell. Went near to the artha villas also but no smell. Houses are getting constructed and existing houses are getting extended inspite of the project kicked off.
  • Originally Posted by PriyaSen
    I bought a land which is 300 m from the compound wall near to kuberar koil parallel to Tagore college women's hostel,so can I relax compost yard will not create any problem ? What abt people staying in Artha villas very near to compound wall ? Are they facing the odour problem

    Real Estate prices are based on one's perception. Having a very huge compost yard / garbage yard will definitely make a location inferior. If the compost yard don't work out... it will become a garbage dump yard. Even compost yard will stink in rainy reason for very long distance.

    Just 300 meters from Vengadamangalam compost yard.... it is high time your sell-off your plot and re-invest somewhere else.
  • Compost yard is not yet operational. Only trial runs are going on.
  • It cannot become garbage dump yard because it is Airforce training airspace and bird menance can cause danger to their aircrafts. They have got a stay on this project once it was announced and later relaxed after stating they will follow invessel composting system and garbage will never be exposed and will be covered. Hence it can never become a dump yard. Also came to know hospital and builder near the compost yard had filed case in court.
  • Perungudi Dumpyard is much closer to the Airport than this one.

    There are so many court cases against Perungudi dump yard and many judgements and orders to stop dumping but it continues.

    The city is extremely short of garbage disposal facility so nothing can prevent them from overflowing and abuseing any facility that is even partially approved.

    This will become a huge dump yard with the usual problems and it will continue to grow in size amongst opposition and litigations.

    The Goverment knows how to drag and drag and deal with such opposition - unfortunately they don't have an alternative.
  • If government is really going to kick off the project there then why do they give CMDA and DTCP with NOC approvals to plots nearby... They could have avoided public investing there. Also is there any legal limitations to have residential house nearby i.e no house near XX meters/km...
  • Most of the layouts in Vengadamangalam formed many decades back. Compost yard came only recently. There is no restriction from government to stop anyone living nearby compost yard or dumpyard.
  • On paper it is not a dump yard. it is a closed pollution free compost yard.

    So info in paper is what is taken for all approval.

    Only time will say what will happen. But currently there is considerable population very near the compost yard. So there are people and they can give their voice. Action or no action is from the government side.

    At least this is not a open dump yard like some where they just burn the collected garbage and most of the time it is just burnt smoke coming out.

    This dump yard is fully compounded with security in place. I am sure that they employ at least 50 people.
  • I visited on 27th Dec 2015, they have started dumping the garbages outside. Slowly it may grow like Perungudi. Nearby lakes will get spoiled slowly. Natural and beautiful village Vengadamangalam will slowly become like Perungudi. Garbage smells will occupy the surrounding areas.
  • Can some one mention the exact point of location of this Compost yard.

    Is is near the delhi public school or in that main road
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