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Superb by Urban Tree in Urapakkam, Chennai


Superb by Urban Tree in Urapakkam, Chennai

Last updated: April 2 2020
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  • Superb by Urban Tree in Urapakkam, Chennai

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    Re : Superb by Urban Tree in Urapakkam, Chennai

    284 homes
    1 Bed Apartment 548 - 710 sq.ft.Rs.26.97 - 32.29 Lac
    2 Bed Apartment 650 - 1089 sq.ft.Rs.29.97 - 46.87 Lac
    3 Bed Apartment 1126 sq.ft.Rs.48.3 Lac


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      Re : Superb by Urban Tree in Urapakkam, Chennai

      Hi.. Has anyone booked in this project? Any suggestions? I am looking to purchase a 2 BHK. The location seems good.


      • mskkhims
        mskkhims commented
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        I have bought an apartment from Urban Tree Superb project. The builder is a fraud. I booked in 2016 and they told me handover was in April 2017. I paid 5 Lakhs booking advance (20%) and nearly for next 1 year nothing happened. By the time, the contract was signed, they moved handover to Sep 2017. Construction was only 50% completed till Nov 2017 Since Contract gives them waiver for natural calamity on handover timelines, they used it in their favor and delayed the construction. It is July 2018 now and still they have not completed the project and made proper handover. When customers started asking about delay and compensation for delay, they asked customers to read the agreement. Agreement is in favor of builder. So they didn't pay penalty. Instead they asked customers to pay for delay in release of funds during the demands raised by them. Urban tree has tie up with at lease one representative from all the banks. At least one of the demands that Urban tree raised would have been released by Bank only after the grace period which disqualifies the customer from getting compensation from Urban tree for their delays.
        For e.g. if Urban tree raised demand of 2 lakh on 1st Jan, you have time till 20th Jan. If you forward the demand to your bank to release funds, they will take time to release and you would not have realized that Urban tree received cheque from bank only on 21st Jan.
        Now, you delayed just 1 demand by 1 day but Urban Tree delayed project from April 2017 till July 2018 (still not completed) and they will pay you zero compensation and charge interest at 24% from you for the 1 day delay.
        Since agreement is in favor of Urban tree, Customers cannot do anything other than requesting Urban tree to waive off interest amount and ignoring the fact that they are cheated by Urban tree. I did not request for waiver rather I demanded them on moral grounds. But they didn't. I paid the interest amount with dignity and started insulting them. Customer releationship team told me that because I asked questions during one of the quarterly meets in front of many, my interest charges will not be waived off.

        Construction quality is also poor. I know this review will bring down the resale value and still I am writing this review. Do not book in any project developed by Urban Tree!
        This builder is a CHEAT, FRAUD with no morale or integrity. They laugh at the customers during Customer meet!
        The only way that we punish them is by insulting them in front of large audience, in property fair, in any big gathering, etc. so people will know the true face of Urban tree owners.
        Remember any construction by Urban tree is dangerous and do not invest. The agreement made by the builder is always in favor of them.
        They promised more amenities. Not even one is provided...
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      Re : Superb by Urban Tree in Urapakkam, Chennai

      I have booked a one apartment and as per agreement he should completed the project on 30.04.2017. But, still he didn`t complete the project. In the delay time, the government introduced the new tax(GST) structure.Now the builded raised the demand letter with GST structure tax. In the tax structure difference makes near 65k. So, may I know, who should take this GST ?

      As per my point, if the GST occurred before completion date mentioned in the agreement, accepted and ready to pay the extra tax. But, the builder takes times more than mention in agreement, so getting GST and affect the buyer.


      • MANOJa
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        What is the name of the Builder & the Project ?

      • rams07cit
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        Urban Tree - SuberB Project

      • Vigshantiprakash
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        Do you recommend urban tree superb project.i like the locarion and approachability.not much aware of the construction and do u recommend.

        When is the handing over of d flats.

        Any input will help us to decide

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      Re : Superb by Urban Tree in Urapakkam, Chennai

      They will speak very genuine before booking.But, after purchased, if need any information, they forward to CRM team. The SuperB project crm representatives is Mariyappan. He is very rude and low understanding skill person. Every 3 month, they make one QCM meeting and meet the Abishek. In the last 6 times meeting, he is coming and telling the same word. It will be ready in 3 months. But, still the project is not completed going the EB work.But, he is claim, we done all work, TN eb will take times.If you need, you can take with generator and pay 1500 for every month. But, still they didn`t complete EB work all flats.They completed only for 3 blocks.

      Good Place.But, wrost builder.If give money, they changes elevation and sell for particuar customer without register that part.


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        Re : Superb by Urban Tree in Urapakkam, Chennai

        I do not have any intention or personal vengeance against them. I am just stating the facts that they hold my money.

        I booked an apartment with them with just INR 50 Thousand. And then I paid INR 3 Lakh. Due to bank loan issue, i could not get the loan cleared. When I went on cancellation of the booking they said, they had paid a GST to the government of INR 2, 36, 394 . However, I got to know they had not paid that much and that was confirmed to me by the GST commissionaire office through an email.

        They are now holding my hard earned money and despite many requests, they are not ready to give it back. Please see the images attached for the proofs sent by UrbanTree and GST Commissioner office in Chennai.


        Have any questions or thoughts about this?