I am new to this forum and need some experts advice on below project from CASA GRANDE.

Location : Thalambur
Price : Rs.3450/- per sqft

2 BHK : 1094-1159 sqft - Rs.37.74 Lakhs onwards
3 BHK : 1437-1580 sqft - Rs.49.57 Lakhs onwards

I had a look at floor plan of a 3 BHK and it is good. Is it worth buying in that area?

Estimated completion is on March 2017. Can anyone enlighten with current state of this area and growth prospects.

Apartments in Thalambur | 2BHK/3BHK Flats Thalambur OMR

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  • Its is good, but u can also look for Adriot project which is on the same road with same price.
  • Thanks Shk007 for your response. I do had a look at Adroit district S, it is nice. But i feel floor plan of RITZ is better when compared to Adroit.

    Since i was not able to go in person to location(based out of US), I need advice from experts here on, how good the location is? is there any High tension cable lines passing over CASA GRANDE?

    It would be really helpful if you could shed some light on.

  • There is no high tension line problem near ritz, have u contacted casa already or yet to contact, i know a person there
  • Yes. I have reached out to Vijay Anand - Casa Grande and as per him there are only very few flats available and other are booked.

    Details are below,
    1. UDS is 52% of flat area.
    2. Basic cost + 8.5 L + Tax + Registration.
    3. No amenities.
    4. First 6 months maintenance cost is covered after that 1 re.
    5. Small modifications are in flat.

    As far as now, they are open and clear on communication. If any one has any other information, please do share the same.

  • Hi theageeswar
    Did Casa guys gave you an explanation for that 3.5 Lakhs additional charges on Maint \ EB \ Legal \ Infra ?

    It looks the charge was bit higher as it is almost same for Cherry Pick project that comes with Amenities ?
  • No. I am yet to verify on 3.5L, I will check and update the response from them.

    When I checked about amenities, they told me that apart from Clubhouse, Swimming pool and Gym in pavilion which require access others can be used by RITZ owners.
  • Hi theageeswar
    Enable your Private Message options in your settings to share my contact details to discuss further.

  • I dont have 10 posts yet, so was not able to enable PM.
  • Sent you a gmail invite
  • did that left out available flats suits ur requirement? like the plan, facing etc.
  • I am planning to go ahead with booking..
  • HI,

    Hows the water condition near ritz? is it potable?
    Do we have a STP?
    Do you have any idea why that 3.5L? looks bit costly for EB /LEGAL /INFRA

    I am thinking of booking a 2 bhk here,your inputs will be helpful in making a choice

  • They are saying water is potable but yet to check their report
    STP is available which is mentioned in their broucher.

    I have no idea about that 3.5 L additional charges ...they are not ready to share the split up for this amount....
    I'm planning to raise this additional charges as a concern when i sign the agreement.
  • Joshva,
    As Mani said, they are reluctant to provide break up for 3.5L and their answer is that, "It is a part of package".

    I am yet to verify water pot ability, but when i googled about near by projects (ELAN) came to know that under ground water is good.
  • Thanks for the response.I have not reached the max post to start PM.You can send me the details to my mail

    I also spoke to their sales team,they are not giving any proper explanation,i see EB and legal in other projects (not casa grande) as Rs 85000 and Rs 25000 ,so comparatively this is high.

    As i was going through the forum i read there is a grave yard near KG earth homes and thats 1 km away from CG Ritz.

    Any of you visited the site? happen to see this GY?

    Thats my other concern now :(