We are planning to buy a plot from a DTCP approved layout.

The plot actually falls in 2 survey numbers (the person purchased land from 2 different people and then had put the layout and sold as individual plots). So the layout has 2 different survey numbers, and our plot falls under both of them (it is in the place where both these surveys meet).

But when the plot was sold, the person was given a patta with only one of the survey number with subdivision. Is this fine? I assumed since the plot falls under 2 different survey numbers, for this plot also we should have got 2 different survey numbers with different sub-division.Please clarify.

More details:
Size of our plot is 1800 sqft.
Layout is made of 2 survey numbers, say 32/2, 92/1A.
1400sqft area falls under 32/2, and remaining 400 sqft falls under 92/1A.
For this plot, when the patta was issued, the survey number given was 32/35.

My question is 1400sqft area under 32/2 was subdivided and given as 32/35. What about remaining 400sqft.. should we not have been given something like 92/XX also.

Please help with this query urgently.

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  • Any suggestions/comments on this please..
  • Please check the area for which the patta has been given
  • Hello QueryMaster;

    It is normal that, if your plot falls under two survey numbers, they will give you only only survey number, when you apply for patta. The survey number that you get, will be under the one which has more area. In your case, since 32/2 had 1400 sqft, you have received a patta under the 32/XXX series. This is correct.

    I too had a land which was under two survey numbers and when i got a new patta, the new survey number was under the survey number series, which had most of my land.