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Chennai : Penthouse - Information required


Chennai : Penthouse - Information required

Last updated: November 14 2015
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  • Chennai : Penthouse - Information required

    Dear Fellow members,

    I stay in Chennai and would like to know your info on the penthouse concept.

    a) I had viewed an apartment - which cannot be classified as penthouse but is in the roof and hence labeled so - is there a classification that we need to see for a penthouse.
    b) any legal checks that need to be done
    c) how do they normally charge them

    Appreciate your inputs in advance
    Thank you.
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    Re : Chennai : Penthouse - Information required

    Penthouses, sometimes are duplexes and might have private terraces.
    Things to be noted, pvt terrace gets 50% of normal UDS and builders often charge 50% of sqft rate for it.

    Most things are same as any other apt.
    Builders might like charging fancy rate.

    But it also has negatives, if roof is not treated properly you will have to suffer extra heat in summer.


    Have any questions or thoughts about this?