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I am in search of a good apartment in a township. This would be for my family to stay and also as an long term investment(means, The primary objective is to stay peacefully and also have a good appreciation in the future).

I have seen the below townships and all of them have their own pros and cons:
1. Giridhari Exec Park (APPA junction, Bandlaguda, near Langar house)
2. Sri Sairam Towers (Near Miyapur X roads)
3. My Home Jewel (Near Miyapur X roads)

But being not so experienced in this area and real estate in hyd, i would like you to share your thoughts about the area/builder and any other good options available.

Thnx in advance.
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  • why dont you try at jubilee-hills, now good apartments are available their but price is little bit higher than any other areas, almost all requirements facilities are avail there.
  • Hello Mr Pranay,

    I have stayed in Aliens Elite in Miyapur and as you said there are pros and cons too. But be aware to buy a flat which get the sun rays into the flat. Else all wooden furniture and health of elders will be in trouble. Servants are also very costly in a gated community compared to an general apartment.

  • Hi Pranay,
    We have recently bought a 3BHK apartmant in the PBEL City, Outer Ring Road. Well after a lot of research and visits to various townships, we zeroed down here. The thing that attracted us was the location, amenities inside the township and above all the design of the apartments.

    Hope you find your dream house soon! :)
  • Thanks for the reply guys.. and also sorry for the late response

    Syed : jubilee hills, am sure prices there will be on a higher side for me.
    realtor_hyd : you are right, especially abt the servants ;)
    NamanK : PBEL is right beside the Giridhari Exec. park and congrats on ur new house.

    i have booked a flat in giridhari finally and thanks again for the replies guys. :bab (6):
  • Aliens Elite

    Hi Pranay: You have any idea of the quality and cost of Aliens Elite. What is the rent one could fetch here?