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Hyderabad : ATTENTION PLEASE - Read this carefully and make a note


Hyderabad : ATTENTION PLEASE - Read this carefully and make a note

Last updated: August 22 2018
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  • Hyderabad : ATTENTION PLEASE - Read this carefully and make a note

    Dear Friends,
    Lot of developers are planning and developing layouts in and around Patancheru, Isnapur, Rudraram, Muthangi and other areas that fall under Medak and Sangareddy districts these days.

    I recently visited some of these areas, talked to locals and enquired about investing at these places. I understood that these areas are extremely dangerous and not at all suitable for living even though some industries are moved and under the observation of PCB ( pollution control board).

    There are lot of videos on internet discussing the problems and issues with local villagers and administration. Please refer to few of them * these links:

    1. Areas in and around Rudraram

    2: Industrial Pollution across Medak and sangareddy district

    3. Areas around pashamailaram

    4. Areas around lakdaram:

    So I Request you to do some of the below checks and invest wisely:

    1. Google and check regarding that village/panchayat and areas close by in google map. See if there any vidoes available on internet.

    2. Talk to local village/panchayat people under which the venture is falling irrespective of it is HUDA or HMDA project. Enquire about ground water and other pollution surrounding that area.

    3. Be extra careful while investing around lakes and waterbodies, close to industries ( atleast 4-5 kms). Double check on water condition and pollution levels.

    4. Lot of industries dump and burn their waste at nights. Lot of foul smell and pollution in the nights at some of the places. Hence check if that area is safer 24/7 even though it looks good in the morning and during site visit times.

    5. One tricky thing realtors do is to level the ground with good soil to cover the waste/debris/other materials and showcase customers that soil is very gud and fertile for cultivation or layout etc... Be careful.

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