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VSR Properties/Constructions : Issues


VSR Properties/Constructions : Issues

Last updated: October 2 2018
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  • VSR Properties/Constructions : Issues

    Hi friends,

    Iam an NRI ,who has been cheated by real estate business man named Vanapalli Srinivasa Rao(VSR Properties),Resident of Madhapur. He is a fraud and grabbed huge amount of money in the name of investment in lands in Telangana and Andhrapradesh.There are cheating and fraud cases filed against him in both states .

    Beware of this person.If any one already into the business with him,be cautious. just i want to warn everyone about this cheater.

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    Re : VSR Properties/Constructions : Issues

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      Re : VSR Properties/Constructions : Issues

      7 Hills Apartments is not the place for single women. The real estate guy, Kiran, and the owner, harassed me, by always demanding money, threatening me not to leave the premises, and by talking to me condescendingly. Only when I called the police on them did they behave. Unfortunately such measures are needed to get such monsters to behave like humans.


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