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Land Grabbing-Telangana


Land Grabbing-Telangana

Last updated: November 28 2018
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  • Land Grabbing-Telangana

    Hello Everyone,

    Need your inputs on one the land related issue.

    20 years back my father has bought a land of around 2 acres from a person(who is no more now) who worked as a sarpanch for a village. The person who sold us the land was paralyzed and was in need of money so instead of signing with a written signature on the document he has signed it using his finger print(as he is paralyzed) and even his family members has also given us a written document explaining the issue and they also signed on the document. Then when my father approached the registrar for registering the land, he has asked for a bribe and as we were poor at that time we were unable to pay him and as a result our land didn't get registered on our name. Then recently when my father went to the Registrar office to get it registered, we came know that the land was registered to someone else(who has created fake documents and got the passbook on to his name). He has created documents in such a way that his land purchase the before the date we purchased and he has also sold it to someone else.

    What should we do now?

    Will we be able to get back our land?

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