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Buying and selling flat


Buying and selling flat

Last updated: February 9 2019
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  • Buying and selling flat

    Hi, I'm planning to purchase an underconstruction flat in hyderabad as an investment and wait for full construction to be done and sell it later.

    Do we need to register twice? Once on my name from builder and then to buyer buying from me?

    If we are purchasing a flat which is not even 20% done, and if I can pay 50% amount outrightly howmuch negotiation scope I will have?

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    Re : Buying and selling flat

    Flat will not be registered until u pay the builder in full. As u were saying if u pay 50% cash. U gonna have to get a loan for the rest of the 50%.and the bank will not release the whole amount for the under construction building. It keep on releasing the funds based on the building progress.
    When u sell to some one else before the registration there could be some fee. U better ask the builder before.
    And yes u should be able to negotiate as u are paying 50% in advance as the builder needs money to finish the project.

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