Hi Team,

I purchased flat in Hyderabad with my wife as co applicant..

In the sale deed everything is fine except my wife's name with one letter wrong.. Instead of VINDHYA it was thyped as VIDHYA. N is missing in the sale deed..

Heard about correction deeddeed oto rectify the same.. Some are saying that I need to pay total registration fees which I paid during registration.. Which would be around 1.2 lakhs..

Is that true for changing one letter, I end up paying so much???

Please advise


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  • As far as I know, for general mistakes like spelling mistakes, the stamp duty and registration charges are Rs 100 each in many states. In your state, charges may be slightly higher or lower. In case the rectification deed relates to the area, the names of the parties or the extent of the property, the stamp duty and registration charges as applicable to the conveyance deed are payable.

    In case the original deed is registered, one should get the rectification deed also registered
    • MANOJa1 months ago
      Registration of rectification deed and stamp duty should be Rs. 100/- each or slightly more.