i recently booked a flat in hyderabad. after reviewing the flat documents with the attorney, it seems everything looks Ok, but except that the flat promoter has got a power of attorney from the actual owner of the land for building and selling the flats on his land.

so,my question is before i pay the advance and register the land, is it necessary for me to get the document signed from the land owner also. bcos my concern is, i dont want the land owner to come and cause trouble during registration in the future though he had already given the power of attorney to the flat promoter. But, am not sure if we can get the sign in the agreement in our sale registration form,since we dont know who he is.

is it possible for the owner to cancel the power of attorney given to the flat owner at any time?
please suggest me how to get this resolved, since i really like this flat but at the same time i dont want to get into any kind of issue in the future.
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  • You may go in for a Triparty sale deed and registration.
  • It is not a bad idea to get agreement signed from land owner, why to take risk when u have facility and investment is so high.