In the last five years, the city of Hyderabad has become "Greater", expanding to five times its earlier size. Land auctioned by the government here fetched as much as Rs 19 crore per acre, before recession hit the sector. This apart, the state became the country's SEZ capital with over 100 SEZs approved in AP.
Predictably, it is the real estate sector that is most concerned about "the accessible" YSR's untimely death and is now rooting for his son Jaganmohan Reddy as the next chief minister, as he alone shares his father's passion for real estate, they say......
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  • Andhulo meeku theleenidhi emundhi... Nara Chandrababu naidu ki kooda real estate medha guri undhi kadha, kabatte Murali mohan ki antha lift ichhadu.

    Real estate BIG Shots chaala samarpinchukunnaru kadha valla ki contracts gaani lands thakkuva lo ravataaniki gaani, permissions tvaraga raavataaniki gaani inkedhaina gaani pondhataaniki baaga purse nimparu... ippudu adhi vere inkevaro vasthe SHIVAJI movie lo rajnikath paristhithi paduthundhi kabatti aayana kodukaina jagan vasthe malli pettubadi undadhu ani aakanksha. Antha kanna vere makkuva thokka thotakoora emi ledhu.
  • view appears to be shallow leaving fathoms.
  • If you could pl post in English we would be able to follow better