Dear all,

Kindly allow me to introduce myself. I am pursuing a postgraduate degree in Transport planning and environment at Cardiff University, UK. I am working on a research project to determine the impact of the multimodal transport system (MMTS) on the real estate (property rates) in Hyderabad. As part of the research project, I am conducting an online survey on the imapact of MMTS on land values. I’ll be grateful if you could take a few minutes of your valuable time to complete this short survey form (only 8 questions). As people with in-depth knowledge of real estate in hyderabad, your input would be invaluable towards this research.

This research will highlight the amount of land development that took place around the MMTS Phase I stations. The outcome of this research will further speed-up Phase II development.

Please click on the link below to access the survey form:

Thank you very much,
Prashant Chinchapatnam
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  • Hi ................
    Thnx for givng the details of surrounding area of MMTS land values.
    I'm new to the REAL ESTATE and I wanna know the detailed history and differences of HUDA, HADA,HMDA,DTCP etc.
    I stay in Hyderabad and am a consultant but new to the business.

    Please let me know all such things and I wanna go for sum shatting room or any certain site online where I can learn abt the real estate and land values.