Hyderabad Land prices goes down and touches the rock bottom after delclaring Telangana state :)
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  • there will be impact but not that much,and you have forget about appreciation
  • What do you mean by Rock bottom? Do you have any data to support your statement? What are the areas you are talking about? I don't expect prices to drop considerably in IT corridor and central Hyderabad. I agree that lands bought far away from city can go down or the lands which were bought at unreasonable prices can go down. If the land prices touch rock bottom, it is good time for all of us to buy. But, how many are willing to sell? When a state division happens, there will be lull period for a while and that is happening with Hyderabad also. I would expect no body will leave Hyderabad, the percentage of people moving to Seemandhra completely will be around 5%. We have to wait for the future governance and hope that Hyderabad is not affected by Telangana decision. But, yes we can only hope that realty sector improves and for next few months there will be a period of lull. Beautiful Hyderabad with best infrastructure is unfortunately caught in Telanagana issue and we are 10 years behind Bangalore already. With this decision, I think the IT industry will be happy for the reason that there will be no bandh in Hyderabad. I think the worse times for Hyderabad are over and we have to "hope" for the best.
  • The interest in the my property has increased, I have had more enquiries since telenagna
    issue has settled. This is good time to buy before the prices go up equivalent to Banglore,
    Delhi, Mumbai etc.
  • No depreciation happens,but no appreciations happens for next 5-10 years