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This is my first post on IREF. I recently purchased an apartment with a builder in micro market. I paid 6 Lakh advance. After paying advance I had hesitated several times to purchase. I asked him that I will have to back off because the overall cost is beyond my estimated budget. In this process the builder hurried me to opt for a loan and register. In fact he agreed to pay for registration charges if my loan is approved. He asked me to give the registration money in 2 months time. My loan got approved in 7 days and we went for registration to realize that Telangana is announced the later week. I later realized that he had hurried me all the while because the Telangana announcement was on the cards. The bank released 95% of the approved loan to the builder already. My question is can I go and argue with the builder that you had hurried me all the while and I am cornered? Can I ask him to consider reducing the balance amount that I am supposed to pay? Or should I consider myself unlucky and being so naive? Please suggest how to approach the builder, thank you.
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  • I think your case is very light in your favor as you have done everything based on your concent and it would be difficult for you to get out of this. Other solution would be to develop some personal understanding with builder and then take him account and make him aware of your situation. This can work out with small builders though but not with reputed ones.

    Still give it a shot... Good Luck