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Converting A 3BHK Into A 2BHK


Converting A 3BHK Into A 2BHK

Last updated: August 16 2014
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  • Converting A 3BHK Into A 2BHK

    So this is my first house and I have made a lot of naive mistake. My house is a 2400 sq ft house in Hyderabad. The house is a 3BHk and currently one layer of coating has been done. The pipes/wiring has been laid. All thats left is tiling, bathroom fittings painting etc. The builder says we can move in 3 mnths time. Now I want to change it to a 2 BHK. Get an architect and revamp it. The bathrooms are way too small for my liking. My 3rd bedroom is also very small for any proper utility. Do you guys think this is a feasible idea? and if so how much should I be ready to shell out extra? <approx>.
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    Re : Converting A 3BHK Into A 2BHK

    Yes, it is possible . Cost of alteration can be roughly estimated, if u put the layout of the current 3 BHK here & also specify, what exactly u r wanting in a 2 BHK ( Bathroom sizes required & specifications, Bed room sizes required, any other specific requirements ) . U may not need an Architect for this job, an qualified Interior Designer should be good enough .
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