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Hyderabad - Help Regarding Loan & Other Queries


Hyderabad - Help Regarding Loan & Other Queries

Last updated: October 9 2015
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  • Hyderabad - Help Regarding Loan & Other Queries

    Hello folks, I'm just getting started with hunt for a humble home. I need some advice from experts here.

    I recently looked at an apartment and really liked it. Before I start to pursue this what sort of details I need to get from the current owner of the apartment ( he is a individual who owns the apartment not builder ).

    I will have to get a loan too to buy this so do banks lend you money when buying from individual rather a builder ? What sort of docs do they look for.

    What will be the registration charges etc ? Any other advice you have for me please share.

    Looking forward to being part of this community and contribute in future too. Thanks for having such a nice forum.
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