can any body share about the future of TATA ADWITA B T ROAD project. because I came to know that there is a case going on in supream court between TATA & West Bengal govt, releted to ownership issue & construction is totally stopped for almost one year. please share me any update if you have.

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  • They have refunded money to most as 2 owners have put a case on the land.
    • sksama2 years ago
      I have booked a flat in TATA Adwita , As I came to know that the project has been cancelled, please inform how to get the refund. Where and how to apply for refund.
  • thanks for your reply. so the dispute not between TATA & WB Govt. Dispute between two owner RAMANLAL & I think MADANLAL?

    so the project is cancelled? But why TATA doing marketing of this such disputed project? TATA loosing their image.....
  • Last what I know is the case is still pending hence if they are marketing again then either they are thinking they will win the case or they are just keeping the TATA name high . Really cannot say at this moment .
  • Can anybody suggest how to get the refund? How and where to apply for refund?