Can anyone give me the details on the project outside of what is published in the non-legal brochure published by Lord Realty Pvt Ltd ? Any details that will give me an assurance and security on the money that I put in. I am not in investment mode but is looking forward to staying there once the project is complete. Thanks.
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  • Just do a simple thing.

    If you have a car, ask someone to drive to the site without you.

    You try to go there using only public transport, I said public transport only. Once you reach the site, look around, try to visualise the area 2-3 years down the lane, considering general pace in Kolkata.

    If you like everything, if you think that your family will be able to live there happily ... then buy it or else leave it.

    If you have a car then return from the site by your car only. Don't rely too much on public transport while coming back.

    It's your personal choice and you are the best person to decide.
  • Hi Dipankar, Let me know if you booked a plot there and if you made a search for it and everything went well? as I too planning to book a plot there but couldn;t make up my mind yet since I can;t see any past track record for Lord Group
  • Yes, I booked a plot just because I want to stay in a house. Hope there will be a house at the spot some day. No activity thereafter. I am looking for people who have booked and have got ownership of plots/papers from the builder. Seen some docs at the builder office but not verified independently.
  • Need help

    I am pissed off with these people. Initially they issued allotment letter where my name was mis-spelt. I requested them to change and the new letter came to me after lot of follow-up and haggling. Then I misplaced the allotment letter and requested a copy. I was told to give a request letter which I did and their sales representative came and collected from me. for months/weeks they did not bother to send out copies or respond. After lot of followup now they say I need to file a FIR at a police station and give them a copy. Seems like inventing policy on the run and delaying at every opportunity is their prime objective. Can someone let me know if they can demand such thing and also give me the correct status of the project. Thanks.
  • I am confused due to the prices being offered at Lord city Vs. Eco village by India Greens group...Lord city are giving almost the same size, i.e 2 cottahs at 19.5 lacs whereas Eco village is offering at 36 lacs..cant understand why such a huge difference..Can someone please help here and advise where I should move ahead/or is it worth to move ahead...
  • Originally Posted by thatsashish1
    I am confused due to the prices being offered at Lord city Vs. Eco village by India Greens group...Lord city are giving almost the same size, i.e 2 cottahs at 19.5 lacs whereas Eco village is offering at 36 lacs..cant understand why such a huge difference..Can someone please help here and advise where I should move ahead/or is it worth to move ahead...

    I believe you could verify whether it is an -to- comparison or not. Just noticed that Lord's 3 BR is 1200sqft range while Eco's 3BR bunglow is 1700 sqft range. And then ususally there are other parameters as well.
  • thanks for responding, however what do you suggest that I should be going for. Since considering the size also, even then Eco Land village is very expensive compared to Lords....what can be the reasons for the same. I am looking for pure investment purpose, not for end use. Hence, which can give me better Rate of Return..I have heard from my broker that Lords is a dicey builder and is not reliable....
    Others can also participate in this thread.
    All inputs would be welcome and helpful to me....also comment whether Sonarpur is a good area for investment or not, can it give 20-25% appreciation per annum considering if I book something at the pre launch price...
  • Apologize that I can't answer your first part of the question.

    For your second question, Sonarpur has come into prominence in last 2-3 years just because of its proximity to upcoming Baruipur HQ and also the fact that it is connected to Calcutta by Rail.

    My experience till now suggests that a booking in a relatively good current or futuristic location will surely give a return of 20-25% if booked during pre-launch stage. Having said that these days, pre-launch period itself is stretched for so long that it ceases to lose its "Carrot" appeal. You would have seen that within the pre-launch period itself, the price differential is 10-15%. So, reallly depends if you were in the pre-launch cycle.

    Now, Sonarpur should be no different due to its current prominence with RE circle.

    Now, the most difficult part of your second question - whether you will get 20-25% per annum or not. Now, this is going to be difficult. It really depends on many factors -
    1. whther you got into it in really early stage of pre-launch.
    2. sustained triggers of infrastructure development like Metro, Roads etc. over the years
    3. Strong Commercial activity nearby
    4. And most important, it should be a well connected good location from a futuristic perspective. If it is a good location now, then obviously the current high prices will have considered most of its plusses.

    Take Sonarpur in this case study. It looks like #1 and #4 are in its favour but not #2 and #3. Sonarpur is more or less an unplanned residential locality with LIG settlement for most of its part and besides, Baruipur HQ, there are no immediate triggers on year to year basis. It certainly is a futuristic location where you can catch at low prices and expect growth in years to come.

    In my eyes, only one such area is EM Bypass where there are many Infra dev lined up one after another; and if you could have got into the area in 5-6 years earlier..
  • Anyone has more info on Lords Green ? As another poster mentioned in this site, there is a big price differential between it and India greens project ..

    I visited Lords project site last year ( Oct - Nov '11) and that time there was no development activity going on.. From what I saw, it would easily take more than 5-7 years for that place to develop enough for a family to live and commute to Kolkata ( for school/ office etc) daily..
    It seemed to me that they were acting as middlemen, wherein once they get a buyer, they will get the land directly transferred from owner to buyer ( but am not too sure)..

    Has anyone visited the site in the recent past ?
    Has anyone got their land registered ?
    Any experience would be useful..

  • These people are not willing to give copies of land porcha or mother deed even after 20% payment of land price. I'm not comfortable with their approach. They are showing an arrogant attitude when these documents were demanded.
  • First thing first ... Lord city is not in sonarpur, its approx. 15 kms fm sonarpur rly stn. Hence I m not very sure of investing in such a far away location in the first place.

    Secondly the developer / builder is shady as ur experience has alrdy proved it.

    I hv visited the greenland eco village site and even this is 10 kms fm sonarpur rly st. The place is completely deserted and is likely to take at least a decade min to become habitable.

    My personal opinion ... Sell it and get out of this project. If u search u can buy similarly priced houses in garia (2nd hand buy).
  • need plot/land EMI basis

    Is there any area where I can purchase plot by EMI basis and that area will be better after 4-5 years" i mean as per development as well as cost.
    I heard there are many projects in sonarpur prasad pur road like green city sonarpur etc. but this area is not well connected to kolkata. so please let me know if you have any good idea about plot/land for EMI basis.
  • I too booked a plot last April. There were a lot of delays in doing the registration, however finally the registration was done. I have not visited the plot since but want to know whether the area has developed. I also want to know whether there will a good price escalation. I heard that the proposed road to the airport is being built but there is no confirmation. Do you know anything about it?
  • I visited the site a couple of weeks ago. There is some (not heavy) construction going on towards the main entrance from P.M. road. The model bungalows are ready and look lovely but I too have questions about the land.

    Have any of you, who have purchased plots in the project, performed a land search for the site? If yes, were there any red flags?
  • Lord Group is a swindling company. They do not even own the lands they claim to build the projects on. Also the plan which they are showing as an approved plan is not right. As we all know in India money can buy anything. Lord Group is a very big crook company who are swindling investors money. I am an outgoing customer and its a pain sticking effort to get the money out of them. People already invested in the projects should cut the losses and come out before all money goes down the drain.

    Also people who have registered the plots should go and find out as there is no demarcation of plots anywhere and they cannot demarcate it since they don't own the land.

    This is one big scam going on for about 4 years since that is the time I had invested. I wont be surprised as to one day the company will pack up.

    Do not go by the model bungalows since that is there ruse to tag in an investor.