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Swapnabhumi Project by Swapnabhumi Realtors in New Town, Kolkata


Swapnabhumi Project by Swapnabhumi Realtors in New Town, Kolkata

Last updated: May 13 2021
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  • Swapnabhumi Project by Swapnabhumi Realtors in New Town, Kolkata

    A planned township project of 580 acres(i.e. about a sixth of the size of Salt Lake) is being marketed by Swapnabhumi. Currently they are selling plots of land. Does anyone have any feedback on this project?

    Swapnabhumi Township Project (Beside Action Area – III, Rajarhat Newtown) can be accessed from various connectors. From Airport it takes only 20 minutes to reach project area. Not only that , our project area has several entry points - from Hudco Mor (Salt Lake Gate) only take 18 minutes to reach project entrance area by car, can be accessed from Science City through Basanti High Way (13 Minutes by Car).

    Project of Swapnabhumi is situated beside Action Area III and proposed Wipro Project. It contains above 2000 Bighas of Land – Which is divided into different type of Residential Blocks, Deluxe Duplex, Garden Bungalow, Amenities (Like – School, Collage, Hospital, Eco Space, Malls, Markets, Play Ground, Town Club, Gym etc.) and Commercial Blocks.The New Garia - Airport line of the Kolkata Metro is supposed to pass through New Town by 2014 or 2015. The Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport is very near to the township, providing air connectivity to the rest of the World. All these transport facilities at the door step of Swapnabhumi Township Project area.

    Booking of Residential Plots is going on at prime places at proposed Swapnabhumi Township. A land block is designed in the clusters 2 Kh, 2.5 Kh, 3 Kh, 4 Kh, 5 Kh and above with basic Infrastructure. Residential plot is full of all types of modern amenities and facilities are available inside the project.

    -Commencing from 2009, Swapanbhumi has engaged themselves in the procedure of purchasing land.
    -Swapnabhumi has purchased land under "Urban Land Ceiling Act" of W.B.
    -Process of Mutation is going on and lands are recorded in the name of Swapanbhumi Realtors Limited.
    -Conversion Procedure of Land already completed for the developing area.
    -Development of Basic Infrastructure for DP-1 (Development Phase One) like Roads, Drainage, Power Supply, Water Supply already on its path.

    About New Town: New Town, is a neighborhood of Kolkata (earlier, Calcutta), located in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, is a fast-growing planned satellite city. This new information technology and residential hub is being developed on the north-eastern fringes of Kolkata. Being a planned township, New Town, has been divided into three Areas, Action Area - I, mainly consisting of Malls, a Sub- CBD, and planned residential and commercial plots; Action Area - II is supposedly planned to have a main Central Business District(CBD), institutional plots, IT Business Parks like DLF and Unitech, and plots for large apartment complexes, it will also house the Kolkata Museum of Modern Art, a open Maidan with an Eco-park built around a water body; Action Area IIC has many residential housing projects; Action Area - III mainly consists of high rise residential complexes, Commercial area and IT Hubs.
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    Re : Swapnabhumi Project by Swapnabhumi Realtors in New Town, Kolkata

    The location is the next happening area of Kolkata and the project is definitely promising...

    However, question is on reliability and capability of the company. Not clear about ownership of the lands. Who will be doing the town planning and all these like swerage, drainage, water, electricity and so on.

    If properly done, it can be a great project... or else, it will be another slum kind of development like NP, Tegore Park etc.

    Having said that, in RE, location is key and this project is at the middle of two growth areas of Kolkata... Rajarhat and Bantala

    It is definitely interesting but seems high risk high gain. A better option currently is Unnayan Garden at 6L per katha, compared to 4L per katha in Swapnabhumi.


    Do share us more on this project.


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      Re : Swapnabhumi Project by Swapnabhumi Realtors in New Town, Kolkata

      Regarding Swapnabhumi...they have started marketing the project about 1.5 years back but I did not see a single Swapnabhumi signboard in the area or any land filling going on. They have a decent sales office in Salt Lake area and lot of activity going on there.

      Regarding Unnayan Garden, I heard that it is an area marked for wetland and getting permission for construction may become a problem in future. Not sure if this true though..


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        Re : Swapnabhumi Project by Swapnabhumi Realtors in New Town, Kolkata

        Great Debbhai, appreciate that.

        Keep us posted. We are looking seriously around that area for a plotted development. Those areas are well connected and not too far from the future HOT areas.


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          Re : Swapnabhumi Project by Swapnabhumi Realtors in New Town, Kolkata

          I did go to check it out finally. The office was buzzing with activity. They are taking people out on trips to the land also. And it seems bookings are going on in full swing.

          Here's what my take:
          1. SRL(Swapnabhumi) does not own the land yet. They are essentially booking the land for the buyer. At some point in time they will acquire the land, develop it, build the infrastructure and then handover to the buyer.
          2. Buyer will be parting with 30-50% of the land price upfront and the rest in installments over a period of 3-6 years.
          3. Base price 3.5 lacs per kottah including all charges.

          Having never bought land through such agents I am not sure I feel comfortable. I do perceive several elements of risk here.

          a) There's will be an agreement between the buyer and SRL...where everything is futuristic and "under normal circumstances"
          b) Gestation period is 5-6 years
          c) No agreement between the buyer and the actual landowner

          I would have been a little more convinced if I had seen any development going on in the area. None.

          580 acres is a lot of area...more than sector 5. What backing and experience does SRL have to complete this monumental project? An email to their planning consultant on their brochure went unreplied.

          Searching the internet did yield a notice from local gram panchayat which says that SRL does not have the permission to do this. Validity unquestionable as SRL had responded to the notice and refuted it. However this notice has now been pulled off.

          I am interested to buy land there but not ready to buy headaches.
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            Re : Swapnabhumi Project by Swapnabhumi Realtors in New Town, Kolkata

            Thanks Debdada, appreciate your help.

            I too had the same concern.

            1. It is too big project to be handled by amateurs
            2. Ownership of land is questionable
            3. Flashing office or busy office is no way an indication of real business, many chit funds does that... people can be hired for that at a nominal rate of 100.
            4. No concrete plan for other developments like sewerage, electricity and so on. Rajarhat took 3+ years to settle that!!!
            5. Never heard of this name, no track record to talk about.
            Keep us updated. We may visit the place in Dec and see if we find some decent plotted development on that side with proper road. I simply hate the lanes or village road of many of the projects there.


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              Re : Swapnabhumi Project by Swapnabhumi Realtors in New Town, Kolkata

              G'Bhai..please post your comments once you visit. Will wait to hear what others have to say on this.

              I may repent later for not investing now in this..but just somehow felt that it is better that way than repenting for investing there


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                Re : Swapnabhumi Project by Swapnabhumi Realtors in New Town, Kolkata

                I was unable to make a trip in December, probably can make a trip in February.

                It looks too good to be true!!

                Anyone got more information, please share.

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                  Re : Swapnabhumi Project by Swapnabhumi Realtors in New Town, Kolkata

                  Thanks guys.. I am enjoying reading this post.. as I am looking for real estate investment in Kolkata. I live overseas hence this forum is immensely helpful to me. Keep this infos coming.



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                    Re : Swapnabhumi Project by Swapnabhumi Realtors in New Town, Kolkata


                    Did you finally visit the place. I just checked the website. They are selling "PROSPECTUS " instead of a brochure. As if its school admission thing.

                    Lot of MOU's are there in between which I did not understand. Looks like they are revolutionizing the way property deals are made.

                    Appreciate if anyone can provide some more input..


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