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Big Builders of Kolkata Learns From Small Builder


Big Builders of Kolkata Learns From Small Builder

Last updated: March 8 2012
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  • Big Builders of Kolkata Learns From Small Builder

    Was in a Holi party and met up with a nice Bengali gentleman. As always, most of the smart and vocal people were talking about political developments and few of us were talking about RE market. As usual, we were talking about big daddies and how unprofessional, how unethical, how greedy they are. Then that shy Bengali gentleman shared his humble holiday home investment. It was so nice to hear the positive aspects that I thought of sharing here.

    He purchased in a project called Panthaniwas at Shantiniketan by some unknown (to all of us so called RE experts there) builder named Balaji. He purchased in 2.5L, no typo here, two and half lakh.

    From the time of onboarding, until now he had been regularly receiving communications, updates and greetings. He gets alert well before his post dated cheque is encashed. His project got a nice facebook page with regular construction updates. So far he is very happy with the builder and the project progress. He shared that most of the buyers are already on their Facebook (unlike fake facebook/google groups of big builders)

    I had dealt with many so called big builders in many cities, I had heard so many stories and this humble gesture from the builder is really touching. Other builders are talking about "Relationship building", but this small unnamed builder DID IT .. and did it so nicely. Thanks to those people behind it.

    To do something good, you just need a good heart and a little will power.

    PS: I don't care if you want to associate me with that builder ... but those who knows me for long time, would know it ...
    GBhai ka standard itna bhi mat girao .. 2.5L mein commission ki baaten mat karo .. be matured!!
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