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Maintenance charge on Fit-out possession


Maintenance charge on Fit-out possession

Last updated: February 22 2019
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  • Maintenance charge on Fit-out possession


    I have purchased an under-construction flat in Kolkata. The developer has sent me fit-out possession notice asking for total payment of the due amount and also says -

    Maintenance charges shall commence after 15 days from the date of this letter (the Fit-Out Possession letter) and bills will be generated in favor of the individual flats irrespective of whether you have taken the fit-out posession of your flat or not.

    Are they right in asking for maintenance without actual physical handover for occupying the flat? Please also see my agreement screenshot attached which seem to say that I am liable to pay maintenance chrages only after exclusive physical possession.

    Can you please confirm if they are going against the agreement or law in asking for maintenance during fit-out posession during which they give limited access to flat only between 9 AM to 3 PM.

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    Re : Maintenance charge on Fit-out possession

    Can u name the Builder & the Project? An thread may already exist on the Project and there could be other members facing similar issues. If an thread on the Project exists already, this thread would then be required to get merged with the original existing thread.
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