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Unique Property - Near City Center II - Kolkata


Unique Property - Near City Center II - Kolkata

Last updated: July 24 2019
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  • Unique Property - Near City Center II - Kolkata

    Unique Properties - Owned by Mr. Subir Samaddar. I would like to share my bad experience with this company. 3 years ago we have paid 8 lacs in advance to book a property (flat) as our first ever home. Construction has just began at that moment.

    Initially when it was sold to us many flowery and rosy dreams were shown and promised that the property will be handed over well within 2 years. "Everything and every damn paper is ready and construction will start this December 2017, December 2018... blah blah!". But to our horror we found out that forget about completion the construction of our building has not even started. When Mr. Subir Samaddar is questioned about this he simply kept on saying more rosy talks and kept on buying times. They even tried to manage by refunding me 2 lacs (that is too after too many follow-ups and without interest). But now in present conditions Mr. Samaddar is not even answering my phone calls. One of his employee has told us that he is not having any plan right now to complete the property. Now after all these sufferings I think that Mr. Samaddar is having this typical low grade mentality and strategy to generate a pool of funds like this from customers like us and re-invest them fully in some other business and make money. "What if the customer grumbles we will refund the money without proper interest. That is too after several follow-ups".

    Looking at no other option I have simply filed a case against this company to consumer forum court and got good result.
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    Re : Unique Property - Near City Center II - Kolkata

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