Are Agreements being registered in Kolkata? My agent says notarized agreements are enough and in Kolkata there is NO custom of having registered agreements using Aadhaar (like we do in Mumbai).

If this is false, is there someone who can do this in Kolkata?
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  • Guys can you please help?
  • @arijhit Well, registering a rent agreement is for your own good as it helps address legal issues if they ever crop up during the tenure of the agreement. Then again, registering an agreement is purely based on the mutual understanding of the tenant and the landlord and the unseen need for any legal documentation process that would require a 'registered agreement' as a necessary document. As many important processes like a driving licence, passport etc. require a registered agrement. If no such need is foreseen, you can content yourself with a notarized agreement.

    It is always advisable to register agreements as they are considered as valid evidence in court in case of legal matters, which is not the case with other types of agreements, including notarized.