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Builder not returning booking amount


Builder not returning booking amount

Last updated: August 14 2020
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  • Builder not returning booking amount

    I booked a WB HIRA registered property in Kolkata and paid an initial booking amount of 5 lac through RTGS in Jan 2020. I decided to cancel my booking in April 20 and informed the developer by email. The developer informed by email that they will refund the booking amount by June end. But they have kept delaying the refund and always gave a new refund date whenever I asked for the refund. For the last four months they are saying due to corrent situation their cash flow is not good, hence they are facing delays in refund.

    It is 4 months now since I informed them about my cancellation decision and they are just delaying the refund using various excuses. They do not pick up phone also and refuse to respond to whatsapp or other communication medium.

    What do you think is the best possible approach now to get my money back.

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    Re : Builder not returning booking amount

    Visit the Builder and try extracting your refund. If this fails, send them a registered letter stating that in case, refund is not issued within the next 30 days, you would be taking up the matter legally. If there is no response from the Builder, you would be left with the option to approach a Lawyer and pursue the matter in court.

    Do also note that the Builder would have made you sign certain documents while initial booking and it may contain a clause which would have specifics of amount the Builder may deduct from the booking amount, in case you cancel the booking. Do check on that and decide further course of action suitably.
    Please read IREF rules | FAQ's


    • Consumer
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      Thank you for your response. Yes, we signed a document during initial booking but it does not mention anything related to cancellation charges. I have spoken to them on this and they said there are no cancellation charges until agreement is executed.I have not signed any agreement with them and I informed my cancellation decision before agreement.
      I will send them a notice as you informed. Will approaching WB HIRA and registering a complaint against the builder help in this case? Please advice.

    • MANOJa
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      Yes, do approach HIRA, should help in sorting out the issue.
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