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Riverside Residences Vs Ordinary Homes: Which is Really Better?


Riverside Residences Vs Ordinary Homes: Which is Really Better?

Last updated: March 9 2021
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  • Riverside Residences Vs Ordinary Homes: Which is Really Better?

    Anybody who has an eye out for apartments for sale in Kolkata will always put location as the primary criteria. But it’s also about the facilities and amenities being offered as well as the status of the builder you choose. In fact, you’ll find that there are plenty of variables that are often overlooked as you dive deeper into the process.

    But have you ever thought about riverside homes?

    The general view of flats in riverside areas is that they are positioned in far off places away from central parts. Similarly, people also assume that these homes are not as modern as the ones in the city.

    Of course, these aren’t technically true.

    So let’s dive into these residences and see what the difference is all about!

    Highlighting the Main Difference Between Both Types of Housing

    The major point of differentiation between the two types of housing is the location. And no, we’re not talking about the availability of schools and hospitals with apartments for sale in Kolkata. It’s more about the views that you can expect as well as the environment that residents are exposed to.

    When you live by a river, benefits are known to follow in abundance.

    The positive effects of water are not just limited to the views outside your balcony. Compared to other homes, riverside flats in regions like Barrackpore are all about bringing your family to an environment that’s green and serene in the truest sense of the term.

    At the same time, the quality of air becomes conducive to better health since riverside living is a source of purified air. With this advantage comes a better sleep and cooler interior inside. Research points out that living by water helps the human body to absorb oxygen and combat free radicals since the air is charged with negative ions.

    What is also expected is a relaxed, contemplative mood thanks to the Blue Mind effect – a state of mind that’s created when people are exposed to water bodies. With flats in riverside areas, you can expect lower levels of anxiety and stress as you unwind from daily life.
    Transportation is another aspect of riverside residences that are often overlooked. Where ordinary homes in Kolkata offer connectivity via rail and road, these types of homes bring the opportunity to travel with the aid of a ferry service. Several flats in Barrackpore share this advantage and some even have private ferry services of their own. This is something that ordinary homes cannot match up to – the chance to use the river as a mode of commute.
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