Dear members,
Please suggest if this is good idea to invest in DLF New Town Heights, Kolkata. what is long term prospects, say 5 years, on investment point of view?
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  • RE: Invest in DLF New Town Heights, Kolkata

    Rajarhat is a growing sector and is also a booming real estate sector. It is the right time for investment in this virgin land.
  • I agree we flat owners should unite and protest about unfair demands made by DLF . Is there a list of flat owners or any forum created for this ?
  • Hi All,
    I am looking at getting an apartment in DLF New town heights. Wanted to know from the esteemed members of the forum about the quality of the project.

    Also this is going to be resale - what my broker told me is that the particular apartment is not registered yet - so essentially I would be doing only a name transfer.

    Can some body tell me what all I need to check / verify?

    Also can somebody tell me what is a good price rate (per square feet) DLF NT?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Mumbai builder to pay Rs 14 lakh for 5-year delay in handing over flat - The Times of India....

    check this out...Go after them...these builders should not take consumers for Granted....
  • HI experts,
    Is it good time to invest in DLF new town heights, especially when they are planning to launch their commercial units Now, spencers on 15th April & thereon others to follow? Getting re-sell options viz: 3 BHK * 1521 sqf, a. 5th floor * 4300 sqf & 21st floor * 5000 sqf, both N-E facing with flat brokerage of Rs 2 lakhs ? Not too sure total end to end costing :

    Have plan to move in the project after 10 years & may be put the same in rent for these upcoming 10 years ? Any idea of how much rent to expect? Thanks......

  • Any views, highly appreciated, thx.
  • I have purchased an aptment in DLF NT Heights - I like the amenities. However I don't know as investment if you are looking how good that will be.

    The rental for 2 BHK is 13-14k / month. I have a friend of mine who has taken rent - so at least one price point I am aware of. 3BHK would be around 15-16k now. Hopefully once Spencer starts it might increase a bit. However please note that maintenance charges are around 3k per month.

    The complex is really good - but in general real estate investment in Kolkata is fraught with risks.
  • Hi Group Members,

    Any idea on completion of the road (connecting with Ecospace) in front of DLF project which is stalled for years now - I am out of India - so any current update is appreciated.

  • Hi I am planning to buy a 2bhk flat in dlf new town heights. The flat is not registered yet and keys are with developer. Also, no electricity connection yet. I am bit apprehensive to buy this. Can someone please suggest? Need to take decision soon.
  • Sandilya4;,

    Not sure what you mean by no electric connection. We have been living for the past 3 months - we have WBSEDCL electricity and paying for the same as well,

    All apartments that have been handed over have electricity - probably the one that you are planning possession is not done. That's perfectly normal.

    For any apt where possession is not done, keys will be with developer / builder.
  • Heard from EGV marketing that the road has just been sanctioned by NKDA. Pls check up to verify.