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Latest News In and around Kolkata

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Latest News In and around Kolkata

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    Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

    Singur Act not made in haste: Mamata

    Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today told the state Assembly that the government did not prepare the Singur Land Development and Rehabilitation Act 2011 in a hurry as alleged by the Opposition. The decision on Singur issue was absolutely right, she reiterated.

    The Calcutta High Court has recently struck down the said Act saying it was “unconstitutional”.

    The Chief Minister’s observation came while tabling a Bill to bring more Other Backward Class communities under reservation, in the Assembly today.

    The Bill was tabled in the Assembly during the Left regime, but the Governor did not give his consent. Following change in power, the Trinamool-led government decided to conduct a proper survey to identify the castes to be included in the OBC lists to enable people belonging to these castes avail quota benefits.

    Earlier, Mamata had said that the Bill was prepared in a haste during the previous regime, due to which the Governor did not put his signature to it. The new government prepared the bill after conducting a survey, she said and claimed that the state government did not prepare the Singur Bill in a hurry.

    Meanwhile, the state government on Friday observed the birthday of former Marxist Chief Minister Jyoti Basu in the Assembly. Though Basu’s date of birth is 8 July, the state government observed his birthday two days in advance because today was the last day of the Budget session. The Opposition MLAs have boycotted the program.

    Mamata, while paying tribute to the Communist maestro, said the Opposition played politics over observing Basu’s birthday. “They should have attended the program because Basu was their leader. I do not want to do politics over such a program,” she said.

    Assembly Speaker Biman Bandyopadhyay chaired the program while only one MLA from Congress, Asit Mal, attended it.

    Singur Act not made in haste: Mamata - Indian Express
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      Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

      Sewage water flows out of Elgin Road taps

      KOLKATA: A thirsty Virender Singh, with a glass in hand, walked up to the tap on Thursday to quench his thirst. But on seeing a dark, thick liquid with insects in it flow into the glass, Singh - who has his office on Elgin Road - almost threw up. his thirst openeewas taken aback when he filled a glass of water at his Elgin Road office last Thursday. It was dark, thick and had insects floating in it.

      He threw away the water and refilled the glass. dropped it and filled his glass again.

      This time, a foul smell greeted him from the glass of water, the water smelt foul and was brownish in colour. Alarmed, he enquired with his neighbours who had a similar complaint.

      They, too, had been forced to turn off their taps that had suddenly started spewing contaminated water. None could drink or even use it. Several residential buildings and multistoried apartments on Elgin Road and neighbouring Woodburn Park have been receiving sewage water instead of the clean, potable waterthey are used to. Though a complaint was has been lodged with the local councilor, but no steps have been taken yet.

      Ravi Prasad, a resident of 7A Elgin Road, said he had never seen such dirty water flowing out of a Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) tap. "We have been using this water for decades but have never seen anything like this. "It looks as thick as petrol and smells like excreta. It was full of

      Small particles and insects were found floating in itand smelt horrible. We couldn't even touch the water," said Prasad.

      Majority of the residents of the area have been forced to switch to bottled water since there aren't enough tubewells in the area. "Even tubewell water is no longer safe in Kolkata. It's not easy to fetch it either.

      But bottled water is too expensive to be used daily. It can't be used for cooking or washing utensils," said Subir Mandal, a resident of 45 Elgin Road.

      A similar problem had occurred last year, Mandal added. "On that occasion

      Sewage water had been flowing out of drinking water taps then due to a fault in the underground water pipelines.

      It's dangerous for the water is not just contaminated, it's poisonous," he said. Some said that they had tried using it for washing utensils but couldn't. "The moment it touches your hand, you get an itching sensation. Also, the water is so dirty that you don't feel like touching it at all. It has got to be the sewege water," said Prasad.

      Locals have approached councillor Sachidananda Banerjee for help. He will The latter has promised to look into the matter and take it up the matter with the mayor on Monday.

      Almost the entire stretch of Elgin Road has been receiving the contaminated water, residents pointed out. Apart from complaints from Woodburn Park, a substantial area in ward number 70 has also been affected, they claimed. Complaints have poured in from Woodburn Park as well. "There must be some fault in the underground pipeline network of this area. It needs to be looked into urgently," said Mandal.

      MMIC (ground water) Tarak Singh said he hasn't received any complaint either from residents or from the councillor. "Once I get a the complaint is received , I will look into it," said Singh.

      Sewage water flows out of Elgin Road taps - The Times of India
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        Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

        City-wide Metro network may start operating by 2015

        KOLKATA: The city's Metro network will be the second widest after Delhi, with the railways already allocating much of the funds for the construction of Metro tentacles across the metropolis and beyond.

        The railways have already started simultaneous constructions at a never-seen-before speed at alignments like Joka-BBD Bag, New Garia-Airport and Dum Dum-Barasat via Airport. The Metro railway authority has set a deadline of 2015 by which the entire network is likely to become operative.

        For this financial year, the railways have allocated Rs 750 crore for Joka-BBD Bag metro, Rs 1050 crore for Noapara-Barasat via Airport and Rs 1050 crore for New Garia-Airport. This is the highest ever allocation for any railway project in a metropolitan by the railways, said a senior Metro Railway official.

        The railways have also changed the Dum Dum-Airport alignment. Earlier it was thought that the Metro up line from Dum Dum would touch Noapara, Ramkrishna Pally and Shantinagar before reaching Airport and the down line would touch Noapara, Dum Dum Cantonment, Jessore Road and Airport. "However, to bring down the cost, we have changed the alignment. The alignment from Noapara to Airport via Jessore Road will be double-line for both way movements."

        In fact, the airport will also be connected by the 32-km New Garia-Airport via Rajarhat alignment. Both the Dum Dum-Airport and the New Garia-Airport alignments will go underground. There will be direct access from the Airport underground Metro station to the integrated airport terminal though a giant escalator. The Dum Dum-Airport alignment will go underground after reaching Jessore Road and New Garia-Airport alignment will go underground after reaching VIP Road.

        The 5.2-km Dum Dum-Dakshineswar alignment will run on an elevated track and will be further extended by 12.5 km till Barrackpore. "The constructions are on real fast-track, as we don't face land acquisition hurdle. The project sites are mostly on vested land and we have taken utmost care to be less invasive as far as razing properties are concerned," said Metro Rail spokesman Pratyush Ghosh.

        "There will be interchanging facilities for the passengers from one Metro corridor to another and also from suburban train services of Eastern Railway and South Eastern Railway. For instance, the interchange between north-south and east-west Metro would be at Central station. Similarly, the interchange between Joka-BBD Bag and north-south Metro would be at Park Street," the spokesperson said.

        With these ever increasing tentacles of Metro network, a few suburban railway stations would be very important for their interface with Metro rail. For instance, Dum Dum will be an important stations where both north-south Metro, airport alignment and north-suburban railway will have an interface, said a metro spokesperson

        "So, we are asking the state government to upgrade the existing dispersal system, otherwise there will be complete chaos outside the station during the peak hours, once the entire operation starts functioning." Besides, we have plans to introduce the common ticket system for the commuters who need to avail themselves of different modes of rail transport to reach their destinations," the spokesperson added.

        With the introduction of a Rs 56-crore automatic fare collection ( AFC) and new ticketing system, the Kolkata Metro is also going snazzy. Three air-conditioned rakes have been introduced, giving much-needed respite to commuters in the sultry weather.

        City-wide Metro network may start operating by 2015 - The Times of India
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          Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

          Farmers will get back their land: Govt

          After the Calcutta High Court on Friday struck down the Singur Act brought in by the Trinamool Congress government last year, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee reiterated her government’s commitment to return land to all those farmers of Singur who did not accept price for their land that was acquired for the Tata Motors factory.

          Minister for commerce and industries Partha Chatterjee, too, said the state government will throw its might behind the farmers. “Our Chief Minister sat on fast for 24 days for Singur farmers. We will continue our fight for their cause,’’ Chatterjee said in the Assembly after the verdict.

          State agriculture minister and Singur MLA Rabindranath Bhattacherjee said the ruling might trigger frustration among farmers who have been waging a battle to get their land back for the last six years.

          Bhattacharjee, however, said he would advise the farmers to wait for the Supreme Court’s judgment. “I will ask them to keep faith in the government, which is with the farmers of Singur. There is every reason to get frustrated. The farmers would have to wait for some more months to see the judgment of the apex court,” Bhattacharjee, one of the architects of the Singur movement, which changed the fortune of the Trinamool, said.

          The leaders of Singur Krishi Jomi Raksha Committee — a Trinamool-controlled body of ‘unwilling farmers’ — will be asked to ensure that farmers do not lose hope, he added.

          The minister said the state government would expand the ambit of the financial package announced for the “unwilling farmers”.

          “Now we would try to bring share croppers, agricultural farmers under the scheme that was announced by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee,” Bhattacharjee said.

          The minister alleged that the CPI-M was conducting a campaign to create confusion among the farmers. “The campaigners are asking the farmers to accept cheques — something which is not legally possible as the matter was sub- judice. Under no circumstances cheques will be distributed to unwilling farmers at this point of time,” Bhattacherjee said.

          The minister said he had held a meeting with the farmers and leaders of Singur Krishi Jomi Raksha Committee last night to discuss the future course of action.

          “We had decided that if the judgment goes in our favour, we would reoccupy the land for farming. We had decided to keep patience in case of an unfavourable judgment.”

          According to him, farmers of 256 acres of land have so far been found to be “unwilling” and they did not receive cheques from the government.

          Owners of another 70-80 acres of land in the fenced-off area will come under the list of unwilling farmers during further examination.

          Farmers will get back their land: Govt - Indian Express
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            Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

            Kolkata Municipal Corporation wants a pretty city but Kolkatans prefer shortcuts

            KOLKATA: Chief minister Mamata Banerjee's beautification plan in Kolkata doesn't seem to have gone down well with a section of residents in and around Prince Anwar Shah Road. The under-construction median divider, running along the 5-km stretch from Tipu Sultan Mosque to South City mall, has been demolished at places to facilitate jaywalking. Officials of the KMC borough office, which is located just around the corner, has preferred to keep their eyes closed all the while.

            With broken slabs lying scattered across the roads, iron rods were found dangerously jutting out of the concrete structures at various points near Navina cinema hall, Jogesh Chandra College and the Tipu Sultan mosque. "If we want to cross the street for even a cup of tea, we have to walk the whole stretch to Jogesh Chandra College crossing. We had asked the construction people to leave a narrow space in between the divider to facilitate our movement. But our suggestions fell on deaf ears," said Sushil Shah, a shop-keeper near Indrani Park.

            Prince Anwar Shah Road is one of the busiest stretch and the fastest connector to EM Bypass. The median divider is supposed to restrict any violation by the two-way traffic and to stop the pedestrians from crossing the busy roads. "It is not convenient to walk all the way to a crossing to cross the street, so either you climb up the boulevard or break it to create space," said Sanjay Shaw, an employee at a nearby medical shop.

            The residents complain that the Kolkata Municipal Corporation officials supervising the beautification project should have thought about creating such spaces as there are major landmarks like the Navina Cinema or Jogesh Chandra College on this stretch. "College students face a lot of problems and people cannot cross the street easily even if they have to go to the theatre. So, breaking it down is the best option," said Tapan Mondol, a sweet-shop owner near the college. Mondol does not know who broke down the divider but is "happy" that some people in the locality did have the courage to do something like that.

            "There is Tollygunge Girls' School and Biswaspara Masjid opposite Navina cinema hall. During Ramzan, we face a lot of problems while we cross the street to go to the mosque. And the crevice serves our purpose," said Nazo Bewa, an elderly shopkeeper near Navina cinema. Bewa informed that the divider was broken 10-15 days ago." Though, I have heard that it will be re-built again," added Bewa.

            A senior official of the KMC civil engineering department conceded that local residents had demanded some space along the boulevard be kept open for them to cross the road. "We are discussing the issue with the Kolkata police officials. We will also talk to the local residents. After that a decision in this regard would be taken," the official said.

            Others, particularly motorists, do not share Mondol or Bewa's views on the matter. "I was happy when I saw the median being constructed. Within days, I saw portions being demolished. Women and children were trying to squeeze through the exposed rods. Now, motorists will have to be extra cautious while driving along the Anwar Shah Road. I don't know why such illegal acts are being allowed," said noted plastic surgeon Shankar Chatterjee.

            Also, the green cover on the dividers has already been reduced to dump yards. The incomplete boulevard has been painted with betel-juice marks all over the stretch.

            Kolkata Municipal Corporation wants a pretty city but Kolkatans prefer shortcuts - The Times of India
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              Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

              Land acquisition stalls NH projects

              At a time the West Bengal government is at loggerhead with the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) for maintenance of national highways in the state, virtually all major projects of NHAI are on hold due to land acquisition problems.

              NHAI reports accessed by The Indian Express reveal that the land acquisition process for a meagre 13.32 per cent of the total land required by the authority in Bengal is complete. But NHAI is yet to have any of the land in its possession, even though it has completed the distribution of compensation for 236.183 hectares.

              The land required for five major NHAI projects including NH 34, NH 31, NH 31D, NH 6 and NH 2 is 1,771.642 hectares in 12 districts — North Dinajpur, Malda, Murshidabad, Nadia, North 24-Parganas, Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling, Cooch Behar, Howrah, East Midnapore, West Midnapore and Burdwan. According to the reports, the state government issued notification in 2010-11 for 1,191.099 hectares.

              The projects, however, are on hold for a year.

              The NHAI — which fixes the compensation packages for land owners after discussion with the local administration and according to the current price of the land — disbursed the compensation to the land owners in these 12 districts for 236.183 hectares. However, the national agency is yet to get any land in its possession for implementing the projects.

              “We have paid compensation for 236.183 hectares, but we are yet to get any land in our possession. The state government has issued notification for 1,191.099 hectares but we are yet to receive estimates for the compensation amount,” said a senior official of NHAI.

              State PWD minister Sudarshan Ghosh Dastidar said, “Land acquisition in Bengal is not as problematic as is portrayed by NHAI. The national agency plans its projects very slowly and then keep the projects on hold, claiming they are facing land disputes. Shifting the blame to the states is very easy, but the fact is that NHAI has problems in fund flows, which delay the projects. We have told them several times that if they are facing land issues, they can give the funds to us and we will implement the project. But they are not ready to give financial assistance.”

              However, an NHAI official said, “All our projects depend on availability of land. Most of these projects were taken up in 2010-2011. But we could not start work in any of them. In the last year, we could only construct some bypass roads which added 65 km of road length to the existing structure.”

              NH 31D, the “most ambitious” project of NHAI in Bengal and an important part of the East-West Corridor which will connect Siliguri to the Assam border, is still stuck because of land issues.

              “We face serious legal problems with contractors. NHAI works on PPP model in which we provide the contract with the land and the contractors build the roads. We do not pay money to the contractors. We transfer the roads to the contractors and they operate the roads by collecting toll tax. But if the projects get stuck due the land acquisition issues, then we face legal problems as the contractors incur a huge loss,” added the NHAI official.

              Ghosh Dastidar added that the PWD has taken projects to construct 141 new roads in 11 districts and work orders have been issued.

              Land acquisition stalls NH projects - Indian Express
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                Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

                Originally posted by MANOJa View Post

                A separate website would be opened shortly to enable people to get all information about their position in regard to allotment of flats and other details. MORE PTI AKB Stating that no one could know how lotteries were conducted by the WBHB for allotment of flats during the LF regime due to lack of transparency, the minister said now the lotteries would be done in a computerised system openly in the presence of media, dignitaries and the applicants.

                Mamata mulls move to stop malpractices in West Bengal Housing Board
                Is there any further news on this ?


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                  Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

                  Kolkata Metro's expansion plan to change life and times of commuters

                  Twenty-seven years after it created history in India — and our very own michhil nagari (the city of rallies ) — the Kolkata Metro now often disappoints the harried commuter who had learnt to take it for granted. But how about Kolkata's lifeline stretching to 110km from a humble 25km in the next three years?

                  No matter how stuttering the progress of work sounds, compared to the Delhi Metro, the four-fold expansion is destined to change the life and times for the Kolkata suburbia forever. Add to it the worldclass East-West Metro, which will take you from Salt Lake's Sector V to Howrah in 30 minutes flat, and Kolkata looks set for a new era in public transportation.

                  The Dum Dum-Kavi Subhas Metro — the country's first — carries 6 lakh passengers a day. You can zip below the traffic chaos at 55kmph and make it from the northern fringes to the southern suburbs in 49 minutes. From one axis, the Metro is well on way to becoming a network.

                  According to former railway minister Dinesh Trivedi's budget speech, five million commuters will avail of the Metro daily by 2016.

                  Only Way Ahead

                  In a city where the road space is a measly 6%, this is news to cheer. "If you take a car or bus from Garia to Dum Dum. it can take you up to three hours, that too if the road is not clogged with traffic and rallies. On the Metro , it takes just 49 minutes. Okay, it's no longer a joy ride it once used to be and you can barely breathe in the maddening crowd, but the Metro will always remain the only option. Its extension is the best thing happening to the City of Joy which has perennial logistic woes. The rapid transit linkages between the city , its suburbs and the airport ... What more can one ask for," said Ayan Chatterjee , an executive with a private company.

                  He isn't the only one to sing paeans to the Metro. Even as the number of car-owning Kolkatans has jumped manifold since the first Metro rolled out on October 24, 1984, most of Kolkata still prefers the underground.

                  Gone are the days when it took the Metro 23 years to cover 17km (the extension beyond Tollygunge ). There may be land acquisition problems , litigation and other issues that have pushed the deadline to 2016. But funds have never flowed this smoothly ever.

                  Money's No Problem

                  Of the total project cost of Rs 11,500 crore , Metro already has Rs 6,000 crore in hand for the extensions in terms of the 2011-12 budget outlay . They extensions include New Garia to Airport (32 km ), Dum Dum to Barasat (18 km ), Dum Dum to Barrackpore via temple town Dakshineswar (20km ) and Joka to BBD Bag (16 .75 km ).

                  It was the experience of India's first Metro that contributed to the sanction of the East-W est corridor connecting Howrah station with the Salt Lake township on July 30 , 2008. The fascinating journey connecting Howrah and Sealdah (two of the world's busiest railway stations ) which would sink down the Hooghly riverbed (another first in the country ) would also happen around 2015, all factors remaining constant.

                  That's not all. "Metro Railways has initiated a survey for extending beyond Barrackpore up to Kalyani," said Metro Rail spokesman Protyush Ghosh, adding, "Surveys are on for extensions to Diamond Harbour from Joka and from Howrah to Singur via Serampore. On the cards are two more : Howrah to Dhulagarh and Kabi Subhas to Baruipur. Metro is indeed the most happening activity in Bengal."

                  Quick Links

                  The extended Metro routes will practically link Barrackpore in the extreme north of Kolkata with New Garia in south and Joka in south-western fringes with Barasat via airport in the north-eastern corner. The Rs 4,874-crore East-W est corridor interlinks between these stretches, thereby allowing the commuter criss-cross the whole of the city.

                  Of the extensions, the one between Joka and BBD Bag has been the fastest. It's anybody's guess that the election candidatures of two Trinamool heavyweights Partha Chatterjee and Sovan Chatterjee would have something to do with this very impressive track record . Around 85 % of the piling along this 16 .72 km route, which started two years ago, has been done (till Taratala ).

                  "Construction from Joka till Majherhat is expected to be completed by 2014-end. Some crucial issues in the route have been ironed out. There will be eight elevated stations till Mominpore and five underground Kidderpore onwards . The survey report of the underground stretch on the defence land through which the metro will pass, has been submitted. Once the final nod comes from the defence ministry , work for the underground stretch will also begin," said Ghosh.

                  In the pipeline is a fifth extension (2 km ) between Tollygunge and Joka (till Diamond Park ) that was sanctioned in this year's budget.

                  Among the sanctioned stretches , work for the 5.2 km Dum Dum-D akshineswar route is on in full swing . The tracks will be extended by another 14.8km to Barrackpore once some utility removal hurdles are crossed . Construction of another 18 .5km from Noapara to Barasat via the airport has also started from both ends . Construction of the hub station (Noapara ) is likely to begin by the year-end . The extension between New Garia and the airport (32 km ) via EM Bypass and Rajarhat-New Town was inaugurated by Mamata Banerjee as the then railway minister on February 7, 2011. Tenders have been allotted for 25km , till City Centre-II . The dispute on whether the airport station should be underground has since been sorted out.

                  Mamata got the biggest share of accolades by inaugurating the last 8km extension to New Garia (Kavi Subhas ). There is no denying that the Metro got a fresh lease of life during Mamata's stint as railway minister. "The Metro was neglected for more than 25 years till Mamata-ji took the railway ministry's mantle. She has been granting project after project," a senior Metro official said.

                  Some say Kolkata Metro's leap has been slow compared to the Delhi Metro, which started as late as 2002 but has expanded exponentially. The Metro also faces the wrath of its once devoted passengers when schedules go haywire. But it must be acknowledged that the passenger density of the Kolkata Metro is 6 lakh for 25km . This huge load is its biggest adversary and its greatest challenge. The Delhi Metro, in comparison , has a network of 184 km , covers 135 stations , but carries only about 20 lakh commuters a day. Our good ol' Metro, with a base fare of Rs 4, is still our neighbour's envy and perhaps Kolkata's only hope for the future.

                  Kolkata Metro's expansion plan to change life and times of commuters - The Times of India
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                    Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

                    Water woes? Blame it on old pipelines

                    KOLKATA: If water taps in your locality run dry, blame it on the age-old pipelines that can't carry the water from Palta. The Palta waterworks is operating well below its 240 million gallon capacity because of these age-old worn out pipelines that have far exceeded the expiry. Otherwise, the city would have abundance of drinking water.

                    The crisis is going to get worse in days ahead. For the Kolkata Municipal Corporation needs to abandon two worn out pipelines (60 and 42 inches) to facilitate the construction of Metro railway along the B T Road. These pipelines will be replaced by a new 64 inch pipeline that won't be able to carry the water that the two pipelines did.

                    There are five pipelines of different sizes (72, 62, 60, 48 and 42 inches diameter) that together carry not more than 160 million gallons water daily. However, these are old (50-70 years) and developed several leaks leading to huge wastage of filtered water.

                    According to an estimate, almost 33% of the water sent to Kolkata from Palta is wasted daily due to these worn-out pipelines. This huge wastage of water is primarily responsible for scarcity during summer, conceded a KMC water supply department official.

                    The solution, therefore, is construction of water tunnel along the Hooghly river, say the official. The water supply department has of late submitted a Rs 2,000 crore proposal for setting up this tunnel that can carry 200-250 million gallons of water daily. "Once operational, the Palta waterworks can augment filtered water to its optimum," a KMC official said. The proposal has been submitted to municipal commissioner Khalil Ahmed. "Money won't be a problem. I have asked the water supply department to submit a detailed proposal for water augmentation and supply including setting up of another water treatment plant at Palta in view of the projected demand. The total project cost will run up to Rs 3,000 crore," Ahmed said.

                    The question now is when will this tunnel come up. "Not less than three to four years. We are doing a feasibility study of the project including the route. Once complete, this will take care of the supply system for a hundred years," a KMC water supply department engineer said. The tunnel will be laid 20 metres below surface along the Hooghly river. It will start from Palta and cover 22 km along the banks of Hooghly via Barrackpore, Cossipore, Bagbazar and then to Tallah underneath the railway tracks.

                    As part of the augmentation project, KMC has planned to lay a separate pipeline along the Churial canal on the city's south-western fringes, that will be laid for the 18 km stretch from Joka to Garia along the Tolly's Nullah. But these are future plans. For now, citizens in south Kolkata will have to bear with the water pains for the future gain. Civic bosses didn't sound reassuring before another water treatment plant comes up at Garden Reach. "We have just floated the tender. The commissioning of the plant will take at least two years from now," an official said.

                    Water woes? Blame it on old pipelines - The Times of India
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                      Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

                      Pollution body slaps closure notice on 18 factories

                      KOLKATA: The West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) has come down heavily on errant industrial houses in and around the city and issued closure notices to 18 such units for flouting pollution control norms. Four units have been slapped with closure orders this month itself. Come down hard on erring industrial houses in and around the city and issued closure notice against 17 units for not complying with pollution control norms. Three such units have been slapped with closure orders in the last week itself.

                      Among units that have been served the notice are a non-ferrous metal manufacturing factory in Narkeldanga, a processed plastic product manufacturing unit at Bagbazar, a steel almirah manufacturing unit at Beliaghata, two grill manufacturing units, one each in Ultadanga and Ichhapore, two plastic reprocessing units in Tangra and a restaurant in Kankurgachhi.

                      A sweet manufacturing unit at Gariahat was also closed down for creating pollution. The other units to be slapped notices are in the neighbouring districts of Howrah, Hooghly and Nadia."We are looking into all public grievances seriously. We are taking immediate action whenever any such case is identified or reported to us," said WBPCB chairman Binay Kanti Dutta. Besides Apart from serving closure orders, the WBPCB is also making sure that electricity connections to these factories are snapped disconnected in order to prevent them from resuming workso that they cannot restart operation.

                      The authorities took notice of these factories after receiving complaints from locals. The units were polluting the surroundings by emitting obnoxious smells and harmful gases, the residents complained. At the time of hearing these cases, officials found that each of these units had faltered in one or the other. that the units have been polluting air and emitting obnoxious smell in the localities. During hearing of the cases, the authorities found that all the units had one or the other fault.

                      For instance, while a plastic reprocessing unit was found to have been set up illegally within the Kolkata Municipal Corporation area, another such unit was found to be operating without the WBPCB's consent. During probe, officials found that a large number of units had been operating without proper effluent discharge facilities or air pollution controlling devices. Some industrial houses were running without valid trade licences, the authorities said.

                      Regulatory orders have also been issued to various industries engaged in manufacturing and reprocessing. They have been warned to comply with pollution control norms.

                      Apart from issuing closure orders, the authorities have been giving regulatory orders to several industries engaged in different manufacturing and reprocessing activities for complying with the pollution norms.

                      The WBPCB has found that a large number of units have been operating without proper effluent discharge facilities or proper air pollution controlling devices.

                      The board inspects these units from time to time to check whether they have been complying with the directives.

                      Pollution body slaps closure notice on 18 factories - The Times of India
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                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?