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Latest News In and around Kolkata

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Latest News In and around Kolkata

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    Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

    Singur land battle round II: Hearing in SC starts today

    The second phase of the legal battle between the Tata Motors and the state government opens tomorrow when the state government’s special leave petition (SLP), challenging the Calcutta High Court’s June 21 order on the Singur Land Rehabilitation and Development Act, 2011, is admitted in the Supreme Court.

    The High Court had declared the Act, under which the West Bengal government had vested land leased to Tata Motors, “unconstitutional”.

    A Division Bench comprising Justices Pinaki Chandra Ghosh and Mrinal Kanti Chaudhury had observed that the Presidential assent was not sought for the Act. It set aside the order of Justice I P Mukerji who had upheld the Act, passed on September 28 last year. Tata Motors had challenged the order of the Single Bench.

    The state government will be represented by leading advocate K K Venugopal. Trinamool Congress MP and advocate Kalyan Banerjee will assist him.

    Tata Motors was leased 997 acres at Singur for its Nano car project. The then Opposition Trinamool Congress had demanded return of 400 acres to farmers unwilling to give land for the project.

    As opposition to the plant grew, Tata Motors moved its Nano small car factory to Sanand in Gujarat in 2008, but kept possession of the leased land at Singur.

    After coming to power in May 2011, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had the Singur Act passed in the Assembly as one of her government's first major legislative measures. “We will fight to the finish because our government's first decision was to return the land to those who were coerced into giving their land,'”Partha Chatterjee, minister for commerce and industries, told The Indian Express today.

    Meanwhile according to sources in the law and land and land reforms department, the government is also making preparations to draft another Act in case it loses the case. This time, all efforts will be made to see to it that the new Act did not face legal hurdles, it is said.

    “Returning land to the unwilling farmers was the first priority of this government and it will do everything to get it done,” a state government official said.

    Singur land battle round II: Hearing in SC starts today - Indian Express
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      Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

      Newtown Publicity

      Mamata's attempt to hardsell Newtown.


      However, I don't see any value added industries/businesses(Infy or pvt sector finance companies) coming in a large way yet.


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        Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

        I think, we need first a good business friendly environmental. Then most of the job done.

        Singur & Nandigram issue had made a bad mark in WB Industrial sector.


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          Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

          Tax collection to resume in Salt Lake

          KOLKATA: The Bidhannagar Municipality is all set to restart the process of collecting property tax. The civic body had started collecting taxes in March, but the process had to be stalled a couple of weeks later after some confusion over tax calculation surfaced.

          "We are going to restart collecting property tax soon. Tax rates will be based on the old, 2005 rates as directed by minister Firhad Hakim," said Bidhannagar Municipality chairperson Krishna Chakraborty.

          According to the old tax structure, those who have an annual valuation of their property between Rs 1 and Rs 999 will have to pay a tax of 3.5% of the annual valuation. The tax rate will go up to 10.5% for property that has an annual valuation of over Rs 10,000 (See chart). The civic authorities are expecting to collect around Rs 9 crore in the form of property tax this fiscal.

          Officials said that bills of those who have already paid their taxes will be adjusted and fresh bills will be sent to those who did not pay their bills in March. According to sources in the civic body, Bidhannagar Municipality had collected a total of Rs 6.57 crore in the form of taxes in a couple of weeks in March. "We have almost completed the process of calculating the tax rate based on pre-2005 rates and will start dispatching the bills soon," said a civic official.

          Tax collection in Salt Lake remained suspended for a few years in the past. On February this year, the civic body sent a notice to the residents that the municipality will start collecting tax for fiscal 2010-11, 2011-12 and arrears from 2007 to 2010. There was a mad rush to pay taxes after the bills were dispatched. But many residents started complaining that the tax bills they received were not matching pre-2005 rates. The civic authorities then sought intervention of urban development and municipal affairs minister Firhad Hakim. The tax collection process was stopped after the minister admitted that there was confusion over the tax bills. There were some miscalculations in the tax bills that was prepared.

          Highlights of tax proposal

          Tax to be collected based on pre- 2005 rate

          Tax bills will be sent for fiscal years of 2010 to 2011 and arrears from 2007 to 2010

          Tax structure -

          Annual valuation Property tax

          Rs 1-999 3.5 %*

          Rs 999 - 4999 5.25%

          Rs 5000 - 9999 7%

          Over Rs 10000 10.5%

          (*of annual valuation)

          Rs 6.57 crore: Tax collected in March

          Rs 9 crore: Target set by the civic body this time

          Tax collection to resume in Salt Lake - The Times of India
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            Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

            A friend of mine did the first legal land transfer in Salt Lake by paying the govt. 5 lacs per kottah.


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              Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

              An interesting link..provides a glimpse of the future road & transport planning for Kolkata.



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                Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

                Real estate sharks surround Behala house of murders

                The double-storey building of the Bhattacharyas spread over nearly three cottahs in south Kolkata’s Behala, which became the scene of four gruesome murders on Thursday evening, is surrounded by real estate sharks.

                At least a dozen real estate projects are currently under way as the contractors are on a spree of buying and demolishing old houses in the locality to make way for new apartments. The house of the Bhattacharyas was also not untouched from the glare of promoters. The family had been target of the promoters for a long time as the Bhattacharyas had no legal heir, said locals.

                Dipak Bhattacharya, who stayed with his ailing mother, with a cook and domestic help to take care of their daily chores, had bought the house seven years ago from one Indrani Sen, who shifted to a flat in the vicinity. “Dipak got offers to sell his property as the family did not have any heir. However, Dipak, who decorated his house nicely, did not agree. There were problems with his family members, too, over these issues,” said a resident of the area, who did not wish to be named.

                Every plot in the area generally gets sold for Rs 15-16 lakh per cottah. A flat of 850 square feet is sold at Rs 35-38 lakh in the area. According to local residents, six to eight local youths have formed a syndicate of supplying construction material to the promoters of real estate projects in the area. The syndicate also plays the role of negotiator between the promoters and the owners of the house.

                Interestingly, a real estate project currently under construction is located next to the house of the Bhattacharyas.

                Police investigating the murders have zeroed in on the possibilities of “murder for gain”. Police sources said the ‘gain’ for which the victims were killed may not be limited to gain of money or other valuables. “There is some greater scopes of gain for which some people had hired professional killers to execute the murders,” a senior officer said.

                Joint Commissioner of Police Pallab Kanti Ghosh refused to elaborate the “murder for gain” theory, saying: “The gain could be of various things. We are investigating the matter. However, the family did not share a good relationship with their relatives.”

                Police and forensic teams found locks of cupboards broken and recovered two phones from the crime scene, which is being examined besides several other evidences.

                “We have got evidence that more than one person was present at the spot during the murder. However, the professional killer was taken to the house by a person who was familiar to the family. The person in question could be a relative or a long-time acquaintance of the Bhattacharyas who everyone trusted,” said a police officer probing the incident.

                “The door of the house was opened for that person on Thursday. We have found traces and stains of blood in several places in the house. The culprits also tried to wash their weapons in the bathroom. We suspect that one of two helps was involved in the crime. However, the help was killed after the killers felt that she could not be trusted with keeping the secret,” added the officer.

                Police questioned Dipak’s cousin brothers and one more domestic help of the family, Sandhya Goswami, who was supposed to join duty on Thursday after 8 pm but failed to do so. Police also questioned a local youth named Sankar Singh, who used to accompany Sandhya daily to the house. Dipak used to run a business of electronic goods and had a business of cable TV.

                Ashok Bhattacharya, a cousin brother of Dipak, said they did not enjoy a good relationship with Dipak and his mother. “We did not have a good relationship with them after they separated from us and bought another house,” he said.

                Kokhan Kar, who owns a shop next to Dipak’s electronic shop in the area, said the business was set up by his brother Biplab. “Dipak did not come to the shop for a couple of days. One and half months ago, the cable shop used to be handled by his mother, Gauri Bhattacharya. After she suffered from paralysis, Dipak hired a manager to look after his business. There are at least seven people working in his shops,” said Kar. Biplab Bhattacharya, he said, died of kidney ailment.

                Real estate sharks surround Behala house of murders - Indian Express
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                  Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

                  How would u rate emami city for next 3-5 years ?


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                    Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

                    Buddha laments ‘erroneous’ land policy for defeat

                    Senior CPM leader and former Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya on Sunday admitted that his government’s “wrong policy on land acquisition” led to the Left Front’s debacle in the last year’s Assembly election leading to the formation of Trinamool Congress-led government in the state.

                    Addressing a party rally in Arambagh, Bhattacharya said: “There was nothing wrong in industrialisation. But land acquisition policy had created some doubts among people...Had we looked after the interests of all the poor people, this would not have happened,” the CPM Politburo leader said about the reason behind the erosion in the Left Front’s support base.

                    “Despite lots of achievements in our 34-year rule, remaining in power for so many years had affected us apart from other reasons like wrongs in governance,” Bhattacharjee said.

                    He also blamed “arrogance” on part of some party leaders for the defeat. Without naming seven-time Lok Sabha MP Anil Basu, who had lost in 2009 Parliament elections from his stronghold Arambagh, Bhattacharjee said, “Take the case of Arambagh where our leader became very arrogant and dictated people instead of helping them. This alienated the people.”

                    “The leader did not even allow the Opposition to conduct any meeting at Arambagh, which was very wrong,” he added.

                    Basu was expelled from the party for “anti-party activities” earlier this year.

                    Exhorting cadres to prepare for the coming panchayat elections, he said: “We have to go to the people and tell them that we have corrected our wrongs and those will not happen again.” “The ruling Trinamool Congress is only talking and not working for development. This is an opportunity to regain the support of the people,” he added.

                    ‘CPM the only alternative at Centre’

                    The former CM lashed out at the UPA government for “instigating capitalism”. “A country like India , where 80 per cent people live below the poverty line, could not think of becoming a capitalist country,” he said. Without naming any one, he said there are at least 54 crorepatis in the UPA-II government and all of them have their accounts in the Swiss bank, he added. “Not only Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is indulging in capitalism, but now he is facing corruption charges. So who can be the alternative of running the country, Not BJP because it’s a not secular party . The only alternative is CPM and we have to sit with our leaders at Delhi and chalk out plans and strategies so that we could form the government at the Centre,”he added.

                    Buddha laments ‘erroneous’ land policy for defeat - Indian Express
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                      Re : Latest News In and around Kolkata

                      East-West Metro left with no land for Central station

                      KOLKATA: The long delayed East-West Metro has run into a fresh land hurdle.

                      The Calcutta high court has ruled that land acquisition at Bowbazar for the proposed Central station on the Salt Lake-Howrah Maidan route is invalid because the landlosers weren't compensated within the stipulated timeframe of two years. Justice Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya has also asked the state transport department, which took possession of the land on January 24 this year, to return it within two weeks.

                      The order spells fresh trouble for the Metro corridor that has been dogged by land acquisition problems and is running nearly two years behind schedule. A route diversion plan via Subodh Mullick Square and S N Banerjee road to bypass the land hurdle at Central has been turned down by the Japanese Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC), the project's funding agency, due to cost escalation. The JBIC, which is lending Rs 2,253 crore for the Rs 4,874-crore project, wrote to the state government in August saying it would pull out if the realignment was made. The new route, with an additional 1.7km, now seems inevitable. The first phase of the project, a 9-km stretch from IT township of Salt Lake to Sealdah, is to be operational by March 2015.

                      The order was passed last Thursday on a plea by the Central Calcutta Citizens Welfare Association challenging the acquisition of premises 38, 39/2, 40(P), 41(P), 42, 42/3, 43, 43/1 and 43/2 B B Ganguly Street and 34(P) and 36(P) Mohim Chandra Das Sarani (Robert Street).

                      Justice Bhattacharya held the land acquisition process had lapsed "due to the nonpublication of compensation award within the statutory period as provided in Section 11A of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894".

                      The East-West Metro is to cross the Dumdum-Kabi Subhash Metro line at Central. Declaration for land acquisition under Section 6 of the Act was published in the Kolkata Gazette on August 27, 2009. The Collector published that the compensation of Rs 1,90,000 had been paid on November 15, 2011. The petitioners moved the high court since the compensation wasn't paid within two years.

                      East-West Metro left with no land for Central station - The Times of India
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