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Dear Sir / madam
Sub-Your ltr dtd 07/01/2013 ref no GPT16AN0709 for demand of Rs 4,56,440
as third instalment payment for a flat in your project
There are certain facts that need to be cleared before making the above payment.
1. I had made the initial payment of Rs 4,55,515/- as first instalment of payment and the chq was cleared on 16/10/2012.
2. The second chq was of Rs 4,57,369/- as second instalment and covering 20% of payment as
advised by you which was stated to be mandatory in order to get the Allotment letter , the chq was cleared on 7/11/2012.
3. Your allotment letter reached me thereafter dtd 19/11/2012 which was sent immidiately after receipt.
4.a cheque of Rs 3000/- as legal chargesfvg Victor Moses & Co was demanded which was sent along with the Allotment letter copy and the same chq has been cleared on 31/12/2012.
5. As per your Allotment letter the standard formal Agreement mentioning the detailed terms and conditions within 60 days from 19th of November was to reach us which is nowhere in sight.
6.It is clearly mentioned that in case theAgreement for Sale is not executed within the stipulated period the Company shall be fully entitled , at its sole discretion to cancel the Allotment and booking.
Under the prevailing circumstances I fail to understand the delay in executing the Sale Agreement. I have requested several times on e-mail and over phone but without getting any positive result.
The Bank loan cannot be disbursed due to this negligence as the Allotment Letter has no Legal Standing. As a result i am required to draw from my personal savings incurring financial loss.
Under these circumstances, please clarify your justification in claiming the third instalment of Rs 4,56,440.Let me also clarify that although you have mentioned your website showing updated photos , it has no mention of Annapurna and its completion of Pilling for which the money has been claimed.
It may not be out of place to quote that my brother Avro Choudhry who has booked Annapurna 710 and payments being made in the same order is facing the same problem.
Arpita Mukharji:
Bank Finance withheld due to non receipt of Agreement and Allotment letter.Bank Representative sitting in the site office unable to help.India homes initiated the deal but is now in the sidelines.,Dr Avro Choudhry.Status and name of the tower does not appear in the website forget about status upload.A false letter has been isuued that the status is uploaded,
Pl pursue the case.:(

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  • My friend, first of all, happy to note that forum members are letting others aware of the challenges that they are facing with different "so called" reputed builders. So THANK YOU for that !!

    Regarding #6 above, Bank loans not only require you to get the sale agreement done before disbursement, but also registered with Additional Registrar office or otherwise that may apply.

    So be sure that your builder is targetting sale agreement registration with you with stamp duty and registration charges paid. I have learnt it the hard way while dealing with HDFC recently.

    Also, just an advise, you could have sanitized the actual letter before posting it within the forum - get rid of # or address and things like that !!
    • Godrej Properties2 years ago
      Dear subrat5890,

      Greetings from Godrej Properties!

      At the outset, we apologize as your experience with our executive was not as per your expectations. Further, we remain fully committed to our customer's trust and being a customer centric company, we are always looking for ways to enhance our customer experience and have given detailed feedback to the concerned team.

      Also, we do understand the importance of offering exceptional service and hence, we would like to get in touch with you and understand the details of this incident. we request you to kindly share your contact and property details, so that we can resolve the issue.

      Alternatively, you can mail us at customercare.gpl@godrejproperties.com or call us on our Toll-free number 18002665706.

      Godrej Properties always endeavors to serve in the best interest of its customers.

      Godrej Properties Team