I was actively looking to buy land close to the proposed district headquarters at Baruipur. Just wondering what would be the future prospect now looking at the confusion ? Also if not Baruipur what next ?
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  • Can you pl elaborate what you meant by your reference to the "Confusion...". Did you hear something new recently from Govt about not shifting the HQ??

    As for me, I had a foregone conclusion in my mind that Baruipur was a carrot and bengal govt doesn't have enough fire power to create a new HQ there, when they are struggling with basic Infrastructural development within the city?

    If not Baruipur, next will be areas near to Joka metro or Amtala stretch, if you are a hardcore plotted land buyer.
  • Confusion regarding the shifting of the district headquarters from Alipore to Baruipur

    I was reading the news this morning. Alipore will remain HQ of South 24-Parganas district

    Not sure where it’s heading.
  • Thank you sharing the news, my friend. I feel sorry for many who had bought plotted land projects in Baruipur thinking about upcoming HQ there.
  • Thanks for sharing this news which is not good for many who already bought / booked land in and around Baruipur. But they can atleast cancel and get back their money.