I am planning to invest in Astra Towers in Bharti realy in Rajarhat Kolkata. Does anyone have idea about this property?
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  • My friend, I went to their website and probably for the first time, I have seen any builder providing such level details upfront. To my pleasant surprise, the usual documents that a buyer typically wants to see while booking - Title search report, Indenture for sale etc are already published. I read this whole approach from the developer as being very open, candid, approachable and trust worthy.

    Also, if you notice their monthly construction updates, this is tremendously positive step.

    Disclaimer - I am saying all this by just looking at their website, but without knowing any of its other details.

    Project looks good to me, it has open areas if not large though for my taste. as can be seen from site plan. So, if correct flats are chosen, then it will be a good deal.

    I am only not sure about the location. Is it on MAR itself or on a bylane from MAR? And what's the offer price? Pl share details for our education...
  • Astra Towers Bharti Realty

    Hello Friend,
    Thank you for your reply. This gives me some comfort as I have already paid cheque for booking one retail space of 551 sqft. The location has been visited and construction is on full swing and its right on the MAR may be 1 KM from City center ii. The only thing which was holding me back was the perpetual lease for 999 years instead of a freehold but then I didnt find anything suspecious in the perpetual lease.

  • dear friend,
    how much was the log in rate for ur unit?
  • Hello,
    Even I am interested in booking a retail space.Has anybody invested in it.Any feedback???rate???

  • ya me too interested can some one pls update current price ........
  • dear friend, what was ur log in rate for the 551 size