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Xanadu Studio Apartment, Siddha Group, Rajarhat, Kolkata


Xanadu Studio Apartment, Siddha Group, Rajarhat, Kolkata

Last updated: September 21 2013
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  • Xanadu Studio Apartment, Siddha Group, Rajarhat, Kolkata

    Greetings !!

    I have been a reader for a long time, and finally a member of the forum.

    First about me - Am not from Kolkata, nor WB. But here for employment.
    My requirement - Cheap First home (1BHK approx budget 30 Lacs all inclusive) for end use (Preferably ready to move) in Rajarhat / Newtown. (Or LIG in the present social terms)
    My interest - Xanadu Studio Apartment

    Reasons - My finances are limited and I can not afford a Big / Expensive house. But at the same time, like all consumers, I want the best deal/Amenities that's available.

    I have seen a lot of apartment complexes starting from Sankalp, Unitech, Tata, DLF, Keppel, Sunrise, Hiland, Srachi, DCL, etc which are in and around the area. But the ones within my reach are,

    Greenfield Ambition - Only resale / Mostly unjustified price.
    Siddha Xanadu - Ready
    Mounthill Essence - Not ready, and a bit too far
    SP Sukhobrishti - Resale, but area not livable for next 5-10 years

    Out of the above, I am interested in Xanadu Studio Apartment by Siddha Group for following reasons -
    1. Good construction quality ( Surprising when compared to pines and town by same promoter)
    2. Location - Near the new MAR Extension , yet livable on a daily basis being on 211 Rt
    3. Ready possession, first sale.
    4. Amenities, Rainwater harvest, sewage treatment, etc.
    5. May be a bit bold of builder, but probably one of the first all Studio Apartment building.

    Following are the cons I find
    1. Super built up / Carpet - 625 Sq ft / 375 sq ft (approx), which is standard for 1 bhk, but thats with walls. this is entirely open space except the bathroom walls.

    2. Price - Builder quoting 4000psf + Floor rise + Car park
    Smallest of the houses comes to about 35 L, which is beyond my budget.

    3. Future of building - Its all studio apartments and I saw families with kids staying there. Most are ready to sell if they get a good deal. But my worry is, if in future, people have to stay there in desperation irrespective of small area of the house and lack of walls, civilization will go for a toss and everyone will encroach over the common areas, making it resemble like a chawl in Mumbai.

    Also, sales deed specifies not to be used for Service apartment. So could it be possible that the building might end up being deserted ?

    4. They do not have government water source. What happens when borwell runs dry ?

    I understand the concept of studio apartment and embrace it. It makes more sense than a 1BHK because I get to use the same amount of area as per my choice and not as per builder boundaries.
    But am not sure if all the existing buyers of the building realized that till the time the house was ready for them.

    Request views and advice from everyone regarding this particular building, and something similar, if available nearby.

    Thanks and Regards.
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    Re : Xanadu Studio Apartment, Siddha Group, Rajarhat, Kolkata

    The builder is better (I found Pines & Town to be of acceptable quality) and the location is good. Heard Xanadu quality and facilities are pretty good. Xanadu positioning is for single/couple use with fantastic facilities. As far as I know, its one of its kind in that area. With any novel concept there is a possibility of a hit or flop show - I have not heard many young people making a beeline for this (I may be wrong, though). A 2 BHK flat in a complex might be much more future proof and will give you peace of mind. Off couse, you will compromise on facility and location but you will get the extra Sq foot.


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      Re : Xanadu Studio Apartment, Siddha Group, Rajarhat, Kolkata

      Thank you sumanb for your advice. I have given a thought towards 2BHK, but all in and around the area are out of my budget.
      They have mentioned a lot of amenities in the brochure, but very few are practical/available, for example they don't have a clubhouse yet and residents have to pay for it separately whenever its functional.

      Requesting advice from other experienced users. sandeeprc, joydeepr1, gharaundabhai , khan2012, and others.
      Much appreciated.


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