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New Real Estate Regulation Bill, 2013


New Real Estate Regulation Bill, 2013

Last updated: September 21 2013
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  • New Real Estate Regulation Bill, 2013

    Heard and saw the real estate regulation bill in tv ads...what are the main clause and what is the status of this bill...can buyer take action against developers with this bill for say delay possession or poor construction or mismatch with prospectus etc... ? any idea from members please ...
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    Re : New Real Estate Regulation Bill, 2013

    In our motherland, we have had great thinkers architect the base of constitution and then following political leadership over 66 years have made umpteen amendments to it. Do you still see corruption go away, or any other crime for that matter? I guess, these bills only serve as a guidance and not rule in a country where lack of education for bulk of population has led to different social challenges. This RE bill is no different, personally I have no great expectations from it as we always lack on Implementation side. It is step in the right direction, BUT ...

    I know my pragmatic viewpoint might sound on pessimistic note... Sorry Abhijit.


    Have any questions or thoughts about this?