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Stamp Duty & Registration Procedure, Kolkata

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Stamp Duty & Registration Procedure, Kolkata

Last updated: April 6 2015
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  • Stamp Duty & Registration Procedure, Kolkata

    Hi Gurus,

    I had paid almost 75% of the money to the builder for a 2 BHK at Chandan Nagar. Now I am will be coming to chandan nagar in March 2014 for Registration. As the builder says, he will prepare all the docs and I have to be physically available in the registrar office for just 1 day for the registration.

    1) How do I know whether the builder has made the doc upto the mark without any hidden clause?
    2) What all my documents I have to carry for the registration?
    3) what are the stamp duty and registration charges?
    4) Since i will make the balance payment to the builder, what all other documents I have to receive / check of the building eg: municipality certificate, OC etc....

    Since I stay outside West Bengal, I will be coming for a 2-3 days leave, so wanted to make sure everything is correct. Plz help.
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    Re : Stamp Duty & Registration Procedure, Kolkata

    Practically, if you want to ensure correctness of all the clauses, ask him to send a copy beforehand for your review. So, settle all open points before you land there on the day of registration. On the day of registration, you just get enough time to check basic things like name, address, SQft, total charge etc etc. Forget about finding the hidden clauses on that day, as there is hardly any time.

    If you are taking loan, make sure, site plan, floor plan, garage plan on ground floor or basement are clearly marked and attached along with the sale deed and the same should be presented for registration. Actually, you should ask your loan advisor from the bank about what items they need to see in your sale deed before loan sanction as such should mandatorily be present along with deed itself.

    Only way to ascertain that builder has not put any additional clause or such is to hire a lawyer yourself. Else, you can read it yourself to ensure as far as possible.

    You ideally need to carry basic documents - Identity proof, Address proof etc for just in case they are needed. Obviously, you have to also be ready with your Demand Draft from SBI.

    For charges, there is a thread in the forum that you can look upon for details -

    Ideally certificates like Municipality etc should be checked before booking and not now.. You have already paid, so such checks have little value now.
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      Re : Stamp Duty & Registration Procedure, Kolkata

      Advise needed:

      1. Can a very reputed builder of Rajarhat Residential 8 Acre Complex increase the Saleable area after 2-years of Sale Agreement at the time of final Instalment of 5% without siting any reason by about 28 Sq Ft for an Original Saleable Area of 1750 Sq Ft. On calling builder confirms that common area has increased. What action can I take for this sudden demand of excess Saleable Area?

      2. My builder is asking me to pay 1% TDS that is Okay for final Instalment due with date of Agreement after 1st Jun'13. But if I do this, I will loose advantage of registration at agreement date as I have made part cheque payments before that. Moreover difference will attract Income Tax


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        Re : Stamp Duty & Registration Procedure, Kolkata

        Thanks joydeepr1,

        My builder has sent me a mail like this:

        please find enclosed title deed for registration and the following charges may please be provided to us.

        1) registration fee - 9%
        2) legal expenses - 5,000/-
        3) Service Tax on housing sector has been imposed on and from july2012, hence 3.09% on 13,18,000/- has to be paid.

        Please help


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          Re : Stamp Duty & Registration Procedure, Kolkata

          Hi Guys,

          Discussion on the same topic is already running on IREF, running multiple threads may dissolve the information.

          For further discussions, kindly follow the below link

          Let's Talk REAL on IREF


          Have any questions or thoughts about this?