Dear experts,

Read in Anandabazar newspaper today about the project Sanhita being developed by Simoco Infrastructure. The price they are offerring are as below
1 BHK - 451 SqFt - 7,20,390
2 BHK - 14,74,000
3 BHK - 17,74,890

This is located on the east of the Eastern Link Highway, behind the New Town Heights on an extension of the Bagjola canal. The area at the moment has no connectivity, the roads are extremely poor and is about 6 minutes drive from New Town Heights / Sukhobrishti. My questions are;
1. I would primarily be buying here for investment. Would it be a good buy at this price considering I would sell it only after 10 years or so?
2. Is Simoco Infrastructure a well known name in the realty sector. I have not heard of them much earlier. Would seek your advice.
3. What is the general mood regarding that locality?

The per square feet price is coming roughly around 1700. I am not sure if that is a good buy at this area? Please suggest.
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  • I'm not a representative of sanhita... but let me clear that many government, central govt. sites get hacked... that does not prove that they are fraud! Please don't panic. Sitting at home and looking up forums won't help. Call up HDFC to make sure whether they are giving loans or any other banks appproved the project.
  • I already said. are my posts are not visible to you? No bank approval.

    Can't we go consumer court?
  • Trends: Indian real estate market is flooded with projects without getting requisite approvals and sanctions. Before getting those builders promote their future home with popular marketing face, advertising. In next 5 years India will face a huge living space problem if govt do not come with some strict policy, pass the Real Estate Regulation bill to protect its customers and make the home buy process transparent.

    Anyway my Suggestion:

    a. First contact with few Sanhita affected buyers by any means say - facebook group, Private message here etc
    b. Fix a day to meet their office, at least 2/3 people is required to talk with them rather going and asking them individually. No phone/ email will help in this case.
    c. Ask the following set of questions:
    1. What is Sanhita's current progress and what task has been done from last 1 year?
    2. Did Simoco completes the land purchase process ? We are asking as we doubt Simoco did not get the land process completely.
    Ans Should be YES or NO. If Yes - Can you show some papers to gain confidence ? We are genuine customers, you can show us.
    If No, Where it is pending? From Whom? Govt Office? What Simoco has taken action? Any project without land buy process complete signifies delay.
    3. What about other approvals? like plan sanction/mutation from govt offices/local municipal etc? Are they complete or still pending ?
    If answer is no, u can ask the above questions. If yes, then ask
    4. if you got all initial approvals and sanctions then why there is no construction progress in the site ? Where it is stuck ?
    5. Depending on answers u can ask when actual construction will start ? What is the delivery date mentioned in the agreement, can simoco able to deliver on as per agreement ?
    6. Regarding bank approval, Can u tell which bank truly approve this project? looks hdfc not approved.
    7. Is Simoco going to give compensation to customers for any delay any delivery, is it mentioned in agreement ?
    8. ...
    d. Ask more question to get more details, ask to show papers, try to find the root cause of delay - But remember it not customers headache/task to follow up whether builder has got land approvals or not, whether they got other approvals or not, whether they are working or not, customer can pay money and get the product/service on time. But here situation is customers has to take all burden :bab (45):
    e. Share here to help other customers and to aware non-simoco home buyers. Keep updating here if anyone has any other information.
  • Originally Posted by sanjoy0308
    I already said. are my posts are not visible to you? No bank approval.

    Can't we go consumer court?

    we can.....
    I'd suggest better if anyone can contact a lawyer first for guidance.....
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  • Did anyone apply for the refund, the 70% of the paid investment Simoco is ready to refund?
  • I think we should file complain with Consumer forum...
  • #amritanudas ...... I didn't get you what do you mean by 70% of the paid investment Simoco is ready to refund?

    As well Hey All!
    Rather than discussing in forum in regards to our assumption and putting our brains.. can we come together and met and have a discussion in Simico Office with Krishnendu Banerjee & Uttam Chatterjee ! Can we do that ? Next Week.. Wat Say ?
  • Hi All,
    I am following this forum since last 2-3 months. Today I have created my account to post this.
    background about me:
    I have booked 2 BHK in Sahnita. My intention just to invest my money and get good return.
    I have called and talked sahnita people starting from their Peon to Marketing Manager all. Atleast more than 50 calls I made with them last 1 year. Since I have no option to visit them as I am not staying in Kolkata.
    Now I have 2 doubt in my mind -
    1. If I want to withdraw now, 30% will deducted.Although, I have already discussed with one of my friend who is lawyer and he said If I go to legal procedure definitely I will win the case and get full refund for sure. Because I did not sign any agreement letter yet, so they are bound to pay full amount by just deducting service charges, that can not charge more than Rs 8000 to 10,000. But SIMOCO can drag the case to many years or more and because I m basically not from kolkata, and staying in different state, I feel its not good option for me. I will prefer to loosing Rs.80,000 and get rid of this headache.
    But suppose I did so, and after 4/5 years I found the project completed and the flat rate bumped by 200%. Then I will regret.
    2. I might be greedy now and continue with the investment just based on the trust. And finally found all my money gone and not getting any return. That will be horrible and more painful.
    -- I am not able to decide.
    And I am feeling, .. all we are here just waiting for other's to put their own effort and money and get the information and share here, so that based on the other's information we can do our decision. Trust me, its not gonna happen. If some one spend his own time, effort and money to get some information then why he/she will share with you free of cost.
    I have a plan to appoint a private detective to collect the actual information (whats happening in the project, where they are, what is their plan etc.) and then goto property lawyer to take a legal advice based on that information and then decide.
    As per my calculation it will cost anourd Rs. 40,000 to 50,000. (Just my approximation based on previous experience)
    But problem is I can only ready to spend Rs. 1000-2000 at max for the information.
    So, I am asking you all, If anyone interested then let me know. We can proceed only we can able to form a group of 25-30 people atleast. I have 3-4 people in my contact, then they are ready.
    This approach might help, I can say based on my previous experience in one land deal in bangalore.
    ==> simply discussing here even years and waiting for the others will not gonna help. So, let me know who all are interested, and also how many people you have contacted and ready for it.
    If we able to form 25-30 people group then only we will proceed else, I need to take my own decision and most likely I will not gonna hang with this project just based on trust.
  • I am with you..You can take a poll and check, how many are with you??

    Also, I have created a page in facebook..Let's discuss more about..Let others know about it..!!!
  • @Extreme : I am also with you.

    @barackobama1 , I have liked the page.
  • @Extreme : I am also with you.

    @barackobama1 , I have liked the page.
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  • Dear Readers,

    I am quite amazed by the sentiments of the users who are also somehow part of the Sanhita family..
    I have invested my money like you all and happily waiting for some positive outcomes. I am regularly in touch with HDFC bank personnel. Yes there are few things that are still pending from Sanhita office form final approval. But I guess this is understandable.

    Guys you have been lucky enough to get a property at some low cost and you are awaiting for its completion in the next 24 months from now. May I request you all not to float any negative feedback in this forum if you arent sure of anything.

    HDFC bank head office has confirmed that this project is awaiting approval from them in its last stages.
    HDFC bank associates confirms that this project do not have the sanction plan of all the n floors building construction for which they are delaying approvals.
    There are five contractors who have been assigned tasks for constructions.
    Construction is not in full phase right now which is a known fact in such projects. But it was few days backs,

    My friends, pls dont be negative and have patience, You must understand that facts floated on this forum are known issues nowadays. Hacked sites as shown in the snapshots does not even prove that they are hacked. Even if it is hacked does not prove anything. The kind of document that Sanhita has given to us for the money paid by us is simply enough to get back our amount by following legal steps against them. You have to accept a project of such a stature needs time and you have to give them the same. Even I am worried but we have to keep our patience. Good luck friends...
  • These are words of Sanhita. I guess Sanhita started to join in this forum to misguide us from uniting us. Can we ask which real project in World cannot make one pillar or roof or wall in one year? If project is not approved then why you took our money one year back? I have fear that if it is coming next to Sarada, Rose Valley, iCore etc. then how we will get back our hard earned money.