Dear experts,

Read in Anandabazar newspaper today about the project Sanhita being developed by Simoco Infrastructure. The price they are offerring are as below
1 BHK - 451 SqFt - 7,20,390
2 BHK - 14,74,000
3 BHK - 17,74,890

This is located on the east of the Eastern Link Highway, behind the New Town Heights on an extension of the Bagjola canal. The area at the moment has no connectivity, the roads are extremely poor and is about 6 minutes drive from New Town Heights / Sukhobrishti. My questions are;
1. I would primarily be buying here for investment. Would it be a good buy at this price considering I would sell it only after 10 years or so?
2. Is Simoco Infrastructure a well known name in the realty sector. I have not heard of them much earlier. Would seek your advice.
3. What is the general mood regarding that locality?

The per square feet price is coming roughly around 1700. I am not sure if that is a good buy at this area? Please suggest.
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  • sdebnath; thanks for loading the snapshots ...seems that initial hurdles are no longer there...
    By the by, have you noted who is the sanctioning authority of the sanctioned plan and the date of sanction?
  • There are few doubts still there with this projects

    1. The promoters are the same of the SIMMOCO mobiles which no longer available in the markets, and due to financial constraint they have closed.

    2. Why the HDFC is not giving Loans against the project, which earlier sanctioned few cases.

    3. Why other PSU banks are not offering loans apart from United Bank of India

    4. Unlike other projects for example Sukhobristi of Sapporji Pallonji , Highland Greens and Highland Aria

    Where the developers are arranging loans for the persons who are buying their apartments...

    But Simoco are not providing and not only that they are telling to go to Bank Personally and get the job done.
  • i meant, agreement...!!!

    Hi all, did anyone notice that website has undergone complete overhaul. None of the older tabs are visible presently. Maybe the site is under construction. The main page only shows two sections, one for Sanhita and one for Nabadwip. I hope they add back the links like photo gallery.
  • Also, it seems they have done a thorough job of removing the old website. None of those links are available even in cached version via Google. They have made sure the old links are cleared up from even Google search.
  • Looks they have renovated the site with other projects like Nabadwip and Naihati.
    You have to click on 'Project Details' link on Satuli. I checked, it is available in Welcome to Sanhita
  • Originally Posted by abhijit007
    Looks they have renovated the site with other projects like Nabadwip and Naihati.
    You have to click on 'Project Details' link on Satuli. I checked, it is available in Welcome to Sanhita

    Thanks Abhijit. Strangely I missed the tabs at the top yesterday. I could only see the page open without Home, About Us, News/Events, etc.

    But they are there alright. Good to know that things are progressing.
  • Check this site this online list of approved projects by UBI does NOT show Sanhita.

    However, from Google, I found another list of UBI (attached), which DOES show Sanhita project as approved.

    So unsure which is the current updated version. One may assume that the one on website right now should be the current version, but it might happen that the attached list may be more updated and would be waiting to be uploaded by the bank in future.
  • Sanhita on Google Maps Satellite View!

    Good news. Was just browsing Google Maps in satellite view and saw the Sanhita site shaping up well. The whole site as shown in project map is under active construction with piling/foundation work in progress. See attachment. Feeling happy!

  • Sanhita Phase 1 is in approve list . However not sure what they meant by Phase 1 .

    Refer link below
  • The project seems to be going ahead but not sure about the future of Sadhuli since it is out of proposed smart city area and also out of New Town. Anyone is there who can put some light on this?
  • Rajarhat becoming smart city is an interesting development. Can anyone get a map showing the boundary of the smart city plan? Very unlikely that smart city will stretch that far. Need to use some influence to get this information from some government department.
  • Sanhita 3rd Project - Naihati

    Simoco seems to be on a building spree.

    The name of the original project has been now changed to Sanhita Satuli! [Original poster @Joydeep61 or site admin, kindly change name of this thread to "Simoco - Sanhita Satuli" to avoid future confusion.
  • If it is really not ging to be included in smart city then the expected price hike would not be there I suppose. Smart city proposed plan is available in web which is not including Sanhita. Also the distance of this project from NewTown is a cause of concern. What do you ppl think?
  • Sanhita;, please share any plan or map of the proposed smart city if you have come across it on the web. I tried to search for it but could not find.