Dear experts,

Read in Anandabazar newspaper today about the project Sanhita being developed by Simoco Infrastructure. The price they are offerring are as below
1 BHK - 451 SqFt - 7,20,390
2 BHK - 14,74,000
3 BHK - 17,74,890

This is located on the east of the Eastern Link Highway, behind the New Town Heights on an extension of the Bagjola canal. The area at the moment has no connectivity, the roads are extremely poor and is about 6 minutes drive from New Town Heights / Sukhobrishti. My questions are;
1. I would primarily be buying here for investment. Would it be a good buy at this price considering I would sell it only after 10 years or so?
2. Is Simoco Infrastructure a well known name in the realty sector. I have not heard of them much earlier. Would seek your advice.
3. What is the general mood regarding that locality?

The per square feet price is coming roughly around 1700. I am not sure if that is a good buy at this area? Please suggest.
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  • You can go through
    In page no 15 you will get the map for LUDCP area. I am not very sure whether this is the smart city plan or not. Can any one help us on this?
  • Thanks. Very useful link. From the map, sanhita does not seem included in NTPA (New Town Planning Area). I think smart city will also have same area, just ending near Sanhita. Let's hope in future the area is expanded to include Sanhita as well. Even if not expanded, the area leading up to Sanhita will be well developed, so automatically Sanhita might also benefit indirectly.
  • Yesterday I visited the site. The construction is going on in full swing. Some pics attached for the other buyers. Mr Uttam Chatterjee / Mr Krishnendu Banerjee says that this area is going to be declared as Saltlake Sector 6 very soon. Any update on this?
  • Sanhita; good work. Thanks. Can you please tell, total how many blocks have actually come up? I can see at least two in the picture.
  • Total 5 to 6 as of now.
  • Nice to see, at last Sanhita project is moving forward....great....
  • Is this project going on time?

    What is the project completion date? Is the work running on time?
  • Can anyone please post recent photos.......also recent updates.....????
  • New pics uploaded in Sanhita site . Also it shows project approved by UBI and HDFC . Loans available from SBI , BOB , CBI , AB and LIC HFL. Can anybody confirm if these are true ?
  • Though the sanhita website says the project is approved by HDFC , UBI, Sbi etc. Then also the branch managers of UBI are telling that they have no such information.

    I shown them the website of sanhita , then also they refuse to talk further.

    May be the Banks are refusing as the project falls under gram panchyaat area.
  • I am having below information:

    UBI Loan approval letter proves that they have approved this project. However, SBI says, they will provide loans to individual applicants as the papers of the project are OK but as a project they will not approve SANHITA SATULI. HDFC has approved some portion of the project.

    Can anyone let us know something more?
  • Check out latest pictures of January 19th posted by Sanhita on website.

    Gallery Detail « Welcome to Sanhita
  • ElliotRoad1;

    I see that you have been a member for too long in this site and know a far amount of deal about this project .

    If you don't mind , can u give me an insight of this sanhita satauli project because just today my dad caught it's sight on a newspaper and was quite astounded by the project details .

    So, As an inexperienced rookie , I would be glad if u tell me whether this project is worth rooting for or not.
  • Sanhita has just advertised for the second phase. I am very new to buying properties. Please give me some insight whether it is a good place to buy.
  • Originally Posted by sharmilab
    Sanhita has just advertised for the second phase. I am very new to buying properties. Please give me some insight whether it is a good place to buy.

    Check this post...

    This project is in the gram panchyayat area, with no proper road approach. These projects pay a lot to the ruling party and "goonda tax" to the syndicates so they can move on their marketing efforts. No bank can approve a project in the gram panchayat and a land marked as "agriculture".
    Better visit there personally and get the papers verified by a good lawyer.