Dear experts,

Read in Anandabazar newspaper today about the project Sanhita being developed by Simoco Infrastructure. The price they are offerring are as below
1 BHK - 451 SqFt - 7,20,390
2 BHK - 14,74,000
3 BHK - 17,74,890

This is located on the east of the Eastern Link Highway, behind the New Town Heights on an extension of the Bagjola canal. The area at the moment has no connectivity, the roads are extremely poor and is about 6 minutes drive from New Town Heights / Sukhobrishti. My questions are;
1. I would primarily be buying here for investment. Would it be a good buy at this price considering I would sell it only after 10 years or so?
2. Is Simoco Infrastructure a well known name in the realty sector. I have not heard of them much earlier. Would seek your advice.
3. What is the general mood regarding that locality?

The per square feet price is coming roughly around 1700. I am not sure if that is a good buy at this area? Please suggest.
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  • saikatgang; thanks for your reply...but I am wondering how are the banks then selling the application forms..i asked the UBI bank manager and he said that it is bank approved and no searching will be done on this.
  • SumeetSri; thanks for placing faith on my opinions, though I myself only have that much information which is available via this forum and sanhita website.

    Real estate wise, there are some more experienced contributors on this forum who can give reliable expert opinion. Many of them have actually done the running around, visited banks, etc.

    From my limited knowledge, I have seen ups and downs in this project.

    1. Initially when project was launched, during application, lottery, allotment etc. phases, there was too much confusion and no one had full information. Apart from the initial advertisement in newspaper and little info on website, there was no official communication of any kind and a bit roundabout replies by their office regarding project approval, loan approval, land ownership.
    2. Even the location was vaguely advertised, the map was totally misleading, and only upon visiting the Satuli site later on did the applicants realize that it is in an extremely remote location. If you check Google maps, Sanhita is about 12 km further East of Tata Medical Center. 12 km of undeveloped flat land. Not to forget that Tata Medical is itself at the fag end of developed area.
    3. Proper Rajarhat itself remains not fully developed even after 10 years, half the flats remain vacant. One can only imagine when development will be able to reach until Sanhita site.
    4. It would be difficult to resell or rent out property so far from city. Imagine who would travel 12 km for a job or school on a daily basis?
    5. Initially there was almost no construction, no boundary wall, at the site for about a year.
    6. Surely not for short-term returns.

    1. Only for last few months has there been a flurry of activities and now we can see about 5 or 6 blocks under construction, some even reached 3rd floor. Construction going on at slow pace is an advantage as one gets more time to pay installments. Slow, but should be steady.
    2. The rates are low compared to any project in Kolkata. Everyone cannot afford 50-lakh apartments. So getting an apartment within 20 lakhs is a good deal.
    3. At this price, the proposed facilities are very attractive (if at all they are delivered).
    4. Invest only if you can wait for 10 years. Example, as a means to fund your kids' future education, etc.

    I hope this helps! :)
  • Thank u sooo much ElliotRoad1; ... Ur detailed explanation to my question made me satisfied completely and now i know what to do further from now.

    This project might be a very eye-catchy one but still it has it's cons and no one one knows whether it will be taken under map or not or even connected properly with the city in the coming years. So its better to wait for some other residential project other than this one which will show some promising features .

    Thank u soo much again for your help. :)
  • Since past couple of years this project has been a headache for buyers....the project was suspicious...Simoco is not great company we can trust on so easily, but still some of us invested there....some withdrawn their application ....... And...few people just shared scary stories ..... trust me all those were nightmare to me ......

    I really dont know the final fate of this project, I lost hope that they can complete it by time. But when I see some of us again starts discussion on Bank approval - it creates another headache........these are old must visit all the posts in this thread....this project is UBI approved (at least).....and we must share some concrete statement mentioning the source of it......

    Regarding the progress of development, why don't you guys go there at site, take some pictures & share here.....I used to do it when I was in India....
  • SumeetSri; you are most welcome. All the best in your investment endeavor.
  • Hi,
    This is my first conversation.. firstly I must appreciate your tolerance level, i have read almost all about SANHITA Phase 1(in this blog) , started march '14, but there is still some suspense about this project, now developer started again advertise for SANHITA Phase 2.

    So Sr. members please suggest me should I go for this?

    Distance between my place to SANHITA is near about 150kms, so I will not be able to visit site/registered office regularly.

    Please share your valuable opinions.

  • Originally Posted by bidesh

    So Sr. members please suggest me should I go for this?

    Distance between my place to SANHITA is near about 150kms, so I will not be able to visit site/registered office regularly.

    Please share your valuable opinions.


    No other suggestion can be better than this post.
  • Please check the latest photographs at Sanhita web site.
  • Thanks Sanhita;. Happy to see progress. Are you representing Simoco? Even if you are, I think you would be most welcome. At least, this way we will be able to get our concerns reach to the builders' ears.

    At first, I was worried about slow speed of construction, but now at this pace I am worried I have to be prepared to shell out the remaining installments pretty soon :o

    Also sometimes I wonder, such a huge project bang in the middle of empty fields, it would be a curious site. I hope it doesn't end up being a "tughlaqi" mission - All decked up and waiting for occupants!
  • Dear ElliotRoad1; I am a buyer of 3 BHK at Sanhita and not a representative of them.

    I am just trying to provide whatever information I have to this forum so that number of buyers like me are updated. Many are unable to visit the site regularly, so they don't get the latest information. I am trying to keep this forum updated. I am also not visiting the site regularly since

    I am out of Kolkata now, but I am visiting this forum and Sanhita website regularly to keep myself updated.
    Just like you, I am also worried about the future of the project location :(

    Request all the members of this forum, please provide inputs or updates whatever you have so that we all remain updated.
  • This place was extremely poor connectivity wise before 2 years. Now connectivity has improved a lot. Lot of buses have started plying to Sapoorji housing. Roads are nice as well. But this particular housing is 10-15 mins drive from sapoorji. But as I have 1/2 investment near to that place, I expect a good ROI in next 10 years.
  • NEWS: Mamata Banerjee to lay foundation stone for ITC Infotech in Rajarhat today.

    WB CM to lay the foundation stone of IT hub of ITC Infotech today
    Kolkata, Feb 10 (KNN) West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will lay the foundation stone of the IT hub of ITC Infotech in Rajarhat, called Information Technology Park, today.

    This facility is situated on 16 acres. It will have 27 lakh square feet of built-up area and will employ around 10,000 people.

    Read more at:
    KNN India Exclusive MSME news,views and blogs

    There is one ITC site just opposite to Arts Acre. I think that would be the site of this project.
  • Wow, almost 2 years passed since I joined this forum....

    hope next 8 years too will pass smoothly :-)

    How about buying some agricultural land surrounding Sanhita, just for retirement plan ?
    (in case my retirement comes earlier than the project completion)
  • I have come to know from some sources that SBI has approved the project today. Can anyone confirm the information?
  • Yesterday SBI called me and asked for Loans.