I would like to know from investment purpose which will be prove to be fruitful in next 5-8 years, which are is best suited in kolkata to buy flat under construction -

1. Rajarhat
2. EM Bypass
3. Alipore
4. Garia

Also can you please suggest on few building with all amenities, not very interior as I am planning to make investment.
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  • Budget??
  • The budget is around 50-60 L for 3 bhk ~1500 sq feet
  • For Rajarhat follow the thread "Need suggestion for my 1st investment at Rajarhat/New Town"
  • Of the 4 areas listed by you and going by the budget and timelines that you have specified - here's my two cents

    Alipore is probably ruled out ... way too expensive. You may try new alipore that will become important once the behala metro gets functional.
    But for your time frame, you better go with an area that has the potential and scope for significant infrastructure growth. My suggestion would be EM bypass for sure ... followed by Rajarhat.

    EM Bypass is not really one location considering it is more that 20 kms long and is now extending into the Southern Bypass. However my take is this entire stretch will experience the highest growth in Kolkata in coming 5-8 years. Try to buy as close as possible to the Bypass ... there are bunch of new and resale options.
  • My opinion go for any 2 bhk in a condominium in Newtown.Sureka and South city group has taken over elita garden vista.Wait for its launch during Puja.In your budget you can have a good 2 bhk.Investment in condominium will give you safe and sure return
  • Hello

    Garia would be best for investing in kolkata.Among under construction project you can try
    South City Metro Link Abasan Phase II

    which is located in ONGC Road,Garia,Kolkata.For more information you can visit Commonfloor.
  • Thank you for valuable suggestions. I am considering all these while making the decision.
  • Any suggestion on any upcoming launch or any property under construction near EM bypass?
  • Originally Posted by asokdeb
    My opinion go for any 2 bhk in a condominium in Newtown.Sureka and South city group has taken over elita garden vista.Wait for its launch during Puja.In your budget you can have a good 2 bhk.Investment in condominium will give you safe and sure return

    Hi asokedeb
    Are u talking about ne New project/phase here? As I m seeing elita garden Vista has completed already nd ready to move in. Any info would be helpful.
  • Elita Garden Vista Phase 1 developed by International Keppel group based in Singapore.The project developed by them is one of the best in kolkata and truly of international look.But they have left citing difficult operating conditions.These thing came up in News headlines in the recent past.The whole project was sold to south city group and they are one of the best in present operating conditions.They will develop in two stages,beginning with phase 2 to be completed in coming 3 yrs and then the commercial one with a big upcoming mall.As i have heard they will probably launch before puja.According to me the price of Elita Garden Vista has not yet appreciated and after completion of upcoming MAR between TATA project and Elita ,The price will jump.Tata is comfortably selling their project above 6500 psqft
  • Thanks Asokdeb for the details. I am seeing the price for phase I is showing 3800psft. may be resale. any idea what would be the price for phase 2? and will there be any soft launch kind of?
  • Hi,
    I am looking for any soft launch or pre-launch project in any area which has potential to develop in 4-5 yrs?

    Please suggest as i am planning to buy during this or next month.

  • Hi, I jut wanted to know if a Gujrat Ambuja UPOHAR MIG 2 BR flat at Panchashayar Garia for around 40-42 L is a good investment option looking at 4-5 year horizon?
  • The growth in Kolkata real estate is less than many other cities in India, but if you want to talk about safety, I would say there is nothing unsafe about buying a property in Kolkata. If you would like to buy in property I would suggest getting in touch with Rajwada Group. They are one of the best Real Estate Companies in Kolkata and more specifically in Garia Area.
  • A very good question. The most expensive of the 4 areas u hv mentioned is definitely E M Bypass. I have considered by saying E M Bypass, u mean not an interior location. A 3 BHK new or under construction flat right at the side of E M Bypass won't come in that budget. But if you go few km away from E M Bypass (which is not a bad option) you can get a flat in that range.

    Alipore is the next expensive area. I won't say u won't get an under construction flat in your requirement in ur budget but u need to search and negotiate a lot.

    A lot of areas of Garia are still considered remote places. However, u can get a metro station in 3 to 4 km range from such places. Investment in such places would not be a bad idea as you are considering 8 years time frame. And u can get a flat easily in these area in ur budget. Look at projects near Kavi Subhash metro station.

    The best investment would be buying a flat in Rajarhat. U can get best location in Rajarhat in your budget. Nevertheless, keep it in mind that Rajarhat is not a small territory. Newtown is not Rajarhat, it's an extension to Rajarhat actually. U can get a flat in Newtown to which would a good investment for sure.