Dear Friends,

I am looking for some advice on the Fabulous Duo project by Somani Realtors in Rajarhat choumata area.

The project is not big with just 32 flats in two towers of G+4. Expected completion as per them in mid of 2016.

Any idea how is the reliability of the builder, construction quality, chances of appreciation of price, track record of completion by the relator and any chance of political interference.

Any information in this regard will be very helpful as I cannot go wrong on this decision. Please give your inputs in whatever way you can.

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  • Friends, no one has any idea about this. Around 75 views and no response.. Iam sure someone must be having some insight..
  • Originally Posted by ARBANJEE
    Friends, no one has any idea about this. Around 75 views and no response.. Iam sure someone must be having some insight..

    Do your homework buddy.. This site should just be used as a guidance and to read or be alerted or developers / specific projects based on experiences of other members..

    For making any purchase decision, you need to first be convinced about the project yourself and always look at the agreements, past track of developer, govt approvals, bank approvals etc ..This and other forums can be used as a support or info forum and not for making the main decision itself..

    Also providing more info below from another post written by anirban8.

    DO NOT depend solely on information of this forum. Have a checklist to verify properties and judge based on your criteria. However, if you need any particular information on things which are not publicly available you can definitely take inputs from others.

    Checklist -

    1) Govt. Approvals
    2) Payment plan
    3) Bank approvals (prefer projects with approvals from nationalized banks)
    4) Get an agreement copy and read it fully / Seek lawyers' help. Don't go into 1 sided agreements as projects can be delayed by years and you will repent your decision then.
    5) Check on locality (Visit personally / ask someone whom you can trust to visit on your behalf)
    6) Don't rely on "Proposed Items" like proposed road, proposed airport, proposed "Statue of Liberty" etc. If builder is telling that something proposed ask him to show source of info or accept it with a reasonable factor of safety.
    7) Finally seek information of other projects of this builder. Avoid builders who have many stalled or proposed projects. He may be using your money to complete his past projects and to complete yours he will need future buyers which he may or may not get.