My experience is that people in Kolkata are averse to buying flats in top floor. even though air circulation and natural light are abundant and heat is not that much since most of the building has false flooring.

What could be reasons for people in kolkata averse to buying flats in top floor.??
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  • I personally prefer top floor flats. Not sure about the general trend
  • People generally do not prefer top floor because of heat & damp. In hi end project top floor is preferred because of privacy and airiness'
  • The short answer is unfortunately YES. Primary reason is summer heat. Kolkata summer is hot and prolonged. Floor treatment may have reduced water leakage (another issue of top floor) but practically it is useless for heat. Aircon is a solution but then again, not many in Kolkata can afford 24X7 aircon. penthouse may be an exception but then again, Kolkata has hardly any penthouse; and those have penthouse can afford AC too!!

    So the bottomline is, you will have a hard time to sell even in a discounted price. The most desired floor in high rise in Kolkata is top-1.