Can anybody privide any information on Terrace heights kolkata projects, by Vedic realty? Want to know how is the project, what is the future opportunity from a investment point of view. Please if anybody know any information?
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  • Is it part of Vedic village?
  • Yeah its a part of vedic village.
  • Terrace Height of GreenTech city by Vedic Realty and Indiabulls

    I thought it's good to start a thread on progress of this project and share with other members of this forum. It will be good to get updates and views of other other buyers of Terrace Height as well. This will be informative to potential buyers as well.
    I have booked a flat way back, during the launching stage. But progress seems very slow, effectively you can say it has not began.
    I do not see any reason to doubt Vedic Realty or Indiabulls, but seems there must be some problem with this particular project. All other projects within Greentech City is progressing well but this one is yet to take off and gain some wind. Indiabulls guys say, the project is almost sold out, but not sure how sound that claim is.
    Recently I visited the site and clicked some pics (sharing with you). Other than setting up few piling structures, absolutely nothing has happened (picture 1). But in the background you can see other projects withing GreenTech are having good progress.

    Look forward to hear from other members if you know the actual reason for delay.
    • neerajsingh92 years ago
      I have the same experience as you . The piling was done and no work resumed till now. Would like to contact you and discuss on the same. Pls let me know your email.
  • From investment purpose, it will have long gestation period. This area is not part of HIDCO, but part of greater Newtown plan (Draft New Town Kolkata Planning Area (Building) Rules 2014 and LUDCP). You can search details of LUDCP in Google. But all those will take time, could take decades considering current Govt's view on land accusation. All set aside, if a good road (4 lane) comes up, which some how is mentioned by IndiaBulls frequently, at least verbally, the property will appreciate like anything. But there is no concrete information, at least I have seen on this road coming up in near future. Also, considering the current unused flats in proper Newtown itself, I do not see any chance of price rise in next 4/5 years.

    All said and done, I personally liked the plan of this project and it could be good place to stay after retirement.
  • @Convman1 - I have also booked a flat in Terrace Height 2 years back. But repenting for the bad decision. Recently i visited the site and found the construction has not started at all. I contacted Indiabulls and Vedic Reality but they are not replying to the email. Information provided by Indiabull and Vedic Reality representatives over phone are extremely alarming. Vedic Reality said over phone that no body currently is looking after on this project from their side. Indiabull simply does not reply. I am currently evaluating options to safe guard my money given to them.
  • I am interested to know about Ivy Green Phase - 1 Project. Its future, resale value, ROI etc. within next 3-4 years. I have purchased one unit of the same in Phase - 1.
  • Is this property good for investment purposes? Do not mind waiting for 5+ years