Does anyone have information about the project or done site visit?
The project looks good with excellent connectivity with proposed metro station quite nearby and also the project is little inside which will make it good for living as it will reduce the noise.
Also the technological partner is hager a renowned brand and elevation is brilliant.:D
It is very near to under construction westin hotel

The service road and water bodies facing it might be a problem according to google map but
according to hidco map no water body is shown??????so what is correct
The price is a bit on the higher side but I'm hopeful it might come
down due real estate recession.;)
I am looking to buy as an end user can someone help me out.
Also it fits my requirement as I'm looking for property which will become ready to move in 3-4 years time and located near to sector 5

I request any one to plz advise me.
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  • Looks like a good location to me. I would ask for a better deal if you feel the price they are asking is high under current RE condition. You should definitely visit in person to understand the desirability of the location. This is not you local para for sure:-)
  • Thnx Boleboom for replying to my post.:)
    But I didn't understand the meaning of local para?
    Also i got all this information from Google map and the brochure available on their site.
    Aditionally, I also saw the map available in hidco official website as I came to know about it now.

    As I'm new to this place and presently would be shuttling between kolkata and residence where my kids are completing their school session frequently so I'm not getting any time to do site visits also I'm not aware of the places so I try to gather information either from web or by asking people in forum.

    But I feel this is the best place to get unbiased advise for genuine buyers like me who are not fully aware of the projects,locality and developers.
    I'm also attaching the brochure kindly advise about location variation in hidco and dream one map.
  • I meant locality. This looks like more of a gated community.

    Correct, folks on this site are very knowledgeable and someone more familiar with the exact location and the builder can probably answer your query a lot better than I can.
  • I'm not questioning ur real estate knowledge dear friend.I always liked the post send by u as I felt they are unbiased and plz don't take it other way.I wrote this so perhaps u and some other veteran members can further share their views and add further facts regarding it.

    As I was looking for a property for end use and not investment.
  • If you are interested about this project, please contact the people mentioned in the following site -
    They are negotiating a bulk booking.
  • Hi Getranakar,
    Can u update me more about it?
  • And also any good projects where I can buy in new town area
  • Dream One

    Dear All ,

    I checked with NK Realtors regarding the Dream One property . They seemed very confident about it ... I have asked about appreciation also and they offered some minimum guarantee scheme for which they invited me to site .

    Anybody else visited the project site ... I went to Jain Group website . They seem to be pretty big and they are advertising something about a London Kolkata Project in South Kolkata .

    I have booked a Site visit for Sunday ... will update after that .
  • @getranakar

    Thnx for advise.I too heard negative reviews about the builder.Even in the latest hidco map project location is having some other construction.I think it is better to wait and watch till all approvals come and construction actually gets started full flegded.

    Although nk realtors are reliable but still it is better to wait as the project is a luxury project and delays can cause great financial burden.
  • Hi,
    The society mentioned in the link is absolutely reliable and run by goi officials.I contacted one of the associated person.Though the deal is still not confirmed but they assured that all the legalities and queries will be looked into before making any decision regarding the project.So if someone is looking to buy I think it is better buying through a society than buying individually both financially and legally.
  • Never go with Jain Group. They will make you end up bankrupt,after making your life hell. They run the business most unethically.Lots of complaints...unfair penalty charges, levying loads of other unfair charges, not fulfilling their promises,no transparency, poor building materials etc.
  • Can anyone post an updated photo of current project stage?

    It would be great if anyone who have recently visited the project site could post a photo. Any idea about Building Plan Approval and Commencement certificate?
  • Hi rbiswas;

    Whether this society is real or fake? Don't take me wrong but have you confirmed about this cooperative society and its registration?
  • The construction work started in Mar 2015, since then the focus has been only on construction of block 1 & 2.The buyers have their agreements registered that mention possession date as Dec 2020.

    When inquired with Jain Group sales team, they keep saying that the project completion date will be Dec 2021. On the contrary, the company website clearly shows that the project completion will be Dec 2022.

    The most important part is that the WBHIRA website is showing Dec 2023 completion. Check the HIRA registration HIRA/P/NOR/2018/000170. The onstruction was started in 2015, already 4 years and the project progress is minimum!!!

    As on Ovt-2019, the block 3 & 4 construction is completed till 7th floor slab. No progress on brick work also even on the lower floor. How do they expect to give possession by Dec 2021??