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broker harassing for failed deal


broker harassing for failed deal

Last updated: February 28 2020
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  • broker harassing for failed deal

    On july 10th 2018 received 1.5 lacs by NEFTas advance for selling my empty brought by a land broker known to me.since im at a distant place all discussion was throu phone and written agrrement or was mutually agreed to complete registration before decmber 2018.even till march 2019 nothin happened ..called broker over phone..since buyer contact info was not provided..he told he will buy half the plot now and the other half at a later date..since it was not feasible i a prospective buyer directly on oct 2019.informed broker and sold the property in dec 19..since march 2019 i was requestin broker for bank details to return the advance which he refused to provide.

    during dec 19 second week sent a cheque for 1.5lacs in brokers name to his address ,recived,,till now not cashed.

    now the broker is demanding 30000 for interest and 70000 as brokerage fee

    what to do??
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