can somebody update me on bdi bhiwadi project?

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  • BDI, Bhiwadi is ready to move-in project and would be in the range of 23-26 Lakhs for 2 Bhk. What else are you looking in Bhiwadi and how much is your budget?
  • Hi, I have a 3 BHK flat in BDI Bhiwadi which i want to dispose off.

    Its 1490 sq ft property on 9th floor.

    I'm getting 25 Lakh quote on it.

    Pls advise if I should hold onto it / sell it.
  • Madhur, I just sent you a PM and I think you should hold-on unless needs money urgently. Are you making any money on it at this price though?
  • bhiwadi

    need some guidence in investing in bhiwadi,which are the good projects thier prices etc can i get 3 bhk in 20 lacs? thanx
  • Hi DeepJee,

    Bhiwadi is more of an affordable housing area with good demand and growth. In that area, go for under-construction flats to be safe and if you can do some of the leg work then getting a good deal is possible. Now, for this segment you don't want to pay a lot as money could be stuck for 2-3 years, but 20-22 L(all inclusive) for a 3 Bhk is a good price and some of the under-construction apartments/floors in Bhiwadi area are as follows:

    1. Piyush Rosette(3 Bhk in re-sale should be in the range of Rs 20-22L)
    2. Krish Ph-I (3 Bhk in re-sale should be Rs 22L+)
    3. Omaxe Ph-I, not Ph-II(close to Rs 20 L, but the area is somewhat smaller than the other two I mentioned above)

    Visit the area and find it out yourself.
  • Thanks Mr. Jain for your valuable inputs.

    I opted for this in 2006 in CLP and have been paying in instalments.

    The total money paid is about 23 lakhs, including registry charges.

    I thought I'll sell it off, put in some more money and park around 1 cr in delhi / ggn where the appreciation could be faster or I could also get some rental income.

    There is no urgency as such but if I get 30 Lakhs after 2 years for the same property, then I would prefer selling it immediately so that the same money can be invested in some otehr area where the growth would be faster.
  • Madhur,

    Renting it out is the best right now instead of selling it at low price.

    Good Luck!
  • Have visited BDI - terrible construction quality . My advise stay clear of it
  • Hi Madhur,

    As you are the owner of BDI Bhiwadi, then can you please comment on the construction quality?
  • Plots

    I have got to know that genesis group has launched 117 sq yards plots for 5.6 L -is it worth investing . This place is 20 km from ashiana angan on the bhiwadi altar road. Please advise
  • Wow, that is really far so I am not sure how good it is going to be. Main action is from Ashiana crossing to Honda factory, which is about 5-7 KM and that is it. No idea about the group genesis either.
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  • Can somebody share when is BDI Northstar getting launched ?
  • The construction quality of BDI sunshine city is pathetic, to say the least. It was a huge pain to dispose of one flat. Can one imagine, they have 2 lifts, for 10 floors, with 15 apartments per floor... And of these 2 lifts, one is non functional most of the times...
  • That's reason, HDFC Bank giving awesome deal in loan@6.75% to sell it off.
    Project quality I can't say anything here. Go and check yourself better trust on your eyes.