can somebody update me on bdi bhiwadi project?

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  • Originally Posted by dishantav
    Can somebody share when is BDI Northstar getting launched ?

    Also saw the location of Northstar Mall. Nestled between the hills on one side, Mandir atop the hills on another and row houses on the third, this plot is on one of the corners of Bhiwadi as on date. heard there are plans to construct a new road which will pass very close to this plot. The location today is not very good, can't comment what will happen tomorrow.
  • BDI Northstar Mall is the same as BDI Northstar residential project?

    Zorin did you visit BDI NothStar which is the upcmong residential project or is the Northstar mall different project?

    Senior members - pls confirm and provide ur thoughts on:
    1. Whether it is advisable to invest in BDI Northstar residential project?
    2. Should I invest in 1 BHK or 2 BHK
    3. Should it be construction linked or downpayment?
    - with time horizon of 7 years and will be taking home loan
  • Hi guys,

    Kudos for the valuable info you guys provide out here, this is my first post in this forum, and i'll talk about my first investment in real estate below:

    I had invested in BDI northstar, Bhiwadi in July 2012, the project as of now is on hold. I however discussed with my agent and got my money transferred (without any appreciation) in the upcoming tower at their existing BDI sunshine city, Bhiwadi project.

    The BSP for tower pearl being Rs 2660 for a 1260 sq ft flat. And the structure is almost 60% complete Can you guys please advise whether investing in this region would be a good idea considering i am planning to wait for 18 months (subvention time period) before i decide to dispose it off.

    Kindly advise,


  • If u can invest for 5yrs or more then it is ok, otherwise exit.