How is the Nimai Greens project in Bhiwadi? Any sugesstions and opinions on this will be really helpful. Also any better alternatives (plots or apartments) will be good. Thanks!
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  • Sorry, never heard about this builder or project in the Bhiwadi belt.
    Link Please...
  • Nimai Developers
  • Difficult to check the location, but how far is this from Ashiana Chowk? Prices are towards the higher side as Value for money in that belt is Rs 1600/sqft (all inclusive). It could be okay if you want to hold it for more than 5 + years, otherwise pick something from all the under-constructed properties in re-sale.
  • Nimai Greens (Bhiwadi)

    Nimai Greens Bhiwadi | Apartments in Bhiwadi | Property in Bhiwadi

    Any idea whether its worth to invest in "Nimai Greens" now? Its near Aashiana Gardens/ Konark Oasis (Location map also available in the attached link). This is the first project for the builders.

    Construction for first 2 towers is in progress, construction for other towers will start later and their booking is in progress now.

    Cost coming upto about Rs 2100-2250/ sq ft. for 2BHK.

    Any idea, whether Delhi-Bombay Corridor (link road highway) which cross this area?? How is Bhiwadi location from investment point of view?
  • Bhiwadi is quite good location for investment and future appreciation.

    Yes, DMIC, if we it ever becomes reality will cross Bhiwadi.

    This project seems to be little on the expensive side though. I agree that high-rise costs are more than the floors, but still builders these days try to keep the premium to themselves.

    What other projects did you look in the Bhiwadi area?
  • Nimai Greens (Bhiwadi)

    1) I suppose, DMIC is planned from Pirthala towards Phulera via Rewari. Is it going to touch Dharuhera? Which side of Bhiwadi (North or South of Highway 28/ 71B) will DMIC cross?

    2) What is the rate that you would suggest to be reasonable?

    3) Are you aware of any other reliable projects near proposed DMIC route? I am interested for 2BHK projects which are yet to start their construction. The projects which are constructed are already quite expensive!!
  • Not sure about exact location of DMIC, but it will be crossing Bhiwadi if ever comes in existence. Other than DMIC, the area has its own jobs creation and progress, so its not like DMIC is going to bring progress to the region.
    Good prices would be around Rs 1800/sqft and there are 2-3 projects that you can get at this price in re-sale. Check 2bhk at Piyush Rosette(construction going fine) and Krish and you should be able to get find something.
  • Rates of Nimai Greens still seem to be on the higher side - 2100/- PSF for 1 Bedroom flat....

    Seniors - please advise if I should go ahead and book it
  • Looks high to me.

    Are these furnished studio apartments or just 1 Bhks?
  • Jain Sahab lagta hai aapko bhiwadi gaye hue bhut time ho gya hai...nhi toh aapko yeh rate jyada nhi lagta..Sir jab krish city wale 2100-2200 ke rate pe flats launch kar rhe hai toh Nimai is still a good bet considering its location.

    I think it would be foolish now to go beyond the 1-2km starting stretch of Bhiwadi as rates are now more or less in the 8-10 km stretch till Krish City.

    My POV..could be wrong..
  • I am quite familiar with the rates, but I was talking more in terms of return if people already pay high rates upfront. Bhiwadi is no Gurgaon or Noida, where off-loading a property is easy so finding a value for money project is important in a place like this. If someone pays high for a property in Bhiwadi then he could get stuck with it for a while.
  • Invest in Nimai Developers Bhiwadi


    This is Pradeep. I am working as a civil Engineer in HUDA. I have visited bhiwadi to look for investment prespective and believe me I am amazed to see the construction quality of Nimai Developers Bhiwadi. Inspite of their first residential project, they have shown an unbelievable experience and most important thing is that they have constructed the site well above the road level.Few more features are that they have large open spaces decorated with beautifully landscaped courtyards and bountiful greens and water bodies which will provide a healthy and luxurious environment. Here they are offering living spaces that meet the requirements of all classes of clients, from affordable to luxurious accommodations.

    Even their sample Flat looks amazing and I can understand that they have made it more lucrative so as to attract more and more client but if you compare the overall construction quality, i think this project is still have value for money and undoubtedly it can give a very handsome returns in the near future.
  • Ok, what BSP do you expect of a 2BHK at the time of possession?
    Also what BSP do you expect of a 2BHK similar quality in Gurgaon in next three years.
  • Nimai Greens Bhiwadi

    Hi Lalit,

    As per bussiness prospective, rates in Gurgaon are already exhausted and you won't be able to find a buyer in near future as already rates in Gurgaon have crossed 1 crores and buyers for such a big amount is very difficult to find. On the other hand if you see Bhiwadi they have still a range from 1900-2700 (Before Toll bridge and after Toll). Now if anyone buy in Nimai which is currently at 2500, you can easily expect a rate of 4000 with in 2 Years time as now most of the investors as well as medium class people are looking for investment in affordable rates. Even if you see high level Bank employees like officers and managers are looking to invest in that side as the upcoming future for investment only lies in Bhiwadi.
  • Somehow I am not very convinced with the price. I checked and found minimum ten sellers who are investors, few have booking from 1900, 2100 onwards, hence, i feel sooner or later we will have all investor flooded up with their respective price, looking for 25-30% ROI on their investment.

    And competing with the people who bought at 1900 would be very tough scenario after two years.